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In this 29-page Google Doc, you'll find:

  • 20 sections that walk you through brand positioning, setting money goals, evaluating ideal clients, dreaming bigger, assessing systems, and establishing business goals

  • An opportunity to look back at 2017 and evaluate what worked, and what didn't, so you can shift and set more intentional goals for 2018

  • Guidance to help you create a business plan that serves the ideal life you'd like to live too

  • A final business plan to ensure 2018 meets your money goals, ideal client expectations, and dream project ideas

You can snag your completely editable 2018 Creative Business Plan for only $30.00!

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Ashley Business Plan Testimonial

"Working through the plan helped me establish my brand framework, create a plan for 2018, and decide how I want my business to actually interact with my every-day life.

Devan continues to be an expert in branding and business for mission-driven creatives, and I am proof that what she creates is valuable and action-inducing. Buy it."

— Ashley Beaudin, Speaker + Creator of #TheImperfectBoss



Want a sneak peek of what's included?


1. Brand Values

2. Brand Mission

3. Brand Vision

4. Brand Positioning

5. Dream Bigger

6. Strengths + Weaknesses

7. Ideal Client Evaluation

8. Make Money

9. Spend Money

10. Set Money Goals

11. Marketing Plan

12. Business Evolution

13. Evaluate Your Brand

14. Assess Your Systems

15. Your Version of Success

16. Work / Life Balance

17. Be Your Best Boss

18. Your Support System

19. Turn Dreams Into Goals

20. Make Your Goals Happen


This 2018 Creative Business Plan will help you walk into the new year with a solid plan to meet your money goals, work with your ideal clients, and bring your dream projects to life. 

Price: $30.00

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