7 steps to setting client boundaries training and cheat sheet

People treat you how you tell them to.
Ready to be treated like the Queen of your business again?

IT's time to Know and *own* your worth By establishing solid client boundaries


I'm in! Let's set some boundaries

In this 50 minute training (+ 3 page cheatsheet), you'll learn:

  • 7 steps to setting crystal clear client boundaries — whether you’re feeling kinda confident or not-so-confident about your existing boundaries
  • My favorite (and super simple) way keep clients on track and on the same page as you throughout their entire time working with you
  • An absolute no-no when it comes to client communication and what to do instead
  • Examples of how I set each boundary with my own clients

When you click the "I'm in!" button, you will get immediate, lifetime access to your training and cheat sheet. That means you can press play within minutes and start setting boundaries that serve you!

I'm in! Let's set some boundaries
7 steps to setting client boundaries example

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