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A Single Moment of Realization is All it Takes...

It was just an ordinary day. I was moving through the motions struggling to balance it all—the side-hustle with the full-time gig, meal prep, yoga, reading, biking, e-courses, and don’t forget laundry, dishes, and errands—when a moment of pause and one comment transformed the way I look at and live my life forever.

I had just started working with my new business and life coach. It started as this somewhat rebellious, “I’m taking one hour for myself each week!” thing. It was place for me to talk to someone else without judgement who just got it.

So I paused from my normal hecticness to hop on my coaching call. I started this coaching call the same as any other day, in a frenzy talking about “all the things” when a little smirk grew on my coach's face. The question she asked then is one I can spot from a mile away now.

Once I completed my ramblings with an exasperated sigh, with that grin still on her face, she calmly asked me: “So, Devan, what's really going on here? What do you want?"

I shook my head and laughed a little at first feeling uncomfortable by the enormity of those two questions. Then I became silent as the thoughts swirled around in my head until one realization finally just fell out of my mouth.

"I just want to be okay with wanting to live an extraordinary life."

Once those words jumped off the tip of my tongue, I knew there was no going back. I could crack jokes about it being “cheesy,” but I knew it had a much deeper meaning for me.

That’s the thing with epiphanies and desires, they fly by, smack you at the most unexpected moments, and change your outlook forever. And once you put them out there into the universe, you can’t take them back.


Maybe, like me, you paused from a normal day of chaos and an overwhelming sense of realization took over. Maybe you had an epiphany a few months back, shook the thought off, and it’s been nagging at you ever since. Maybe you were on top of a mountain or standing at the ocean's edge when you realized you were here for a bigger reason. Or maybe, you’re still looking for that fog clearing moment of clarity where you know exactly how you’re meant to spend your time on this earth.


I’m here to help you find your bold vision and carry it out through real direction.

Whether you’re just starting to feel the pang of wanting something more or if you’ve already gone through five rebrands trying to figure out what your something more looks like.

I'm here to help you live out your true life purpose. 

I'm here to help you see beyond what society views as successful and discover what your version of success looks and feels like. 

I'm here to catch you before you hit the ground while you're trying to reach that version of success. 

I'm here to cheer you on, be your spirit guide, and hold you accountable.

It took me 25 years and one really long year of soul searching to write my life purpose here, in ink, in a place so permanent. 

It took frustration, hurt, training, confusion, acceptance, permission, wholehearted living, mindset shifts, and months of consistent coaching to get to a place where I can honestly say I'm living a life that moves me closer to that life purpose every single day.

I want this for you.

Not the hurt and frustration, but the clear sense of direction. The purposeful passion. The vision. The compass. The confidence. The wholehearted living.Many of us glide over this “life purpose stuff" because it's big and scary. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

Knowing exactly what you’re meant to do here on this earth is everything.

It will help you close the wrong doors and open the right ones. It will help you feel grounded after months, or years, of feeling lost. It will help you get unstuck and start moving full steam ahead.

Once you discover your bold vision, it will act as your compass giving you real direction.


Want to dive in, dig deep, and walk away with a clear sense of direction? Schedule your One-On-One Coaching Sessions with me.


We believe in living an extraordinary life.

We believe in taking action on your dreams.

We believe in living life on your own terms.

We believe in making big visions attainable.

We believe in life changing transformations.









If you feel like this is the space you’ve been looking for, I’d love to welcome you into our Bold Belonging Community.

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Things that light me up on a daily basis:

vanilla lattes, my handsome hubby, my adorable puppy, acoustic music, big dreamers, positive energy, creative conversations, and adventures

My Mentors:

Brené Brown is my Beyonce. Her teachings have changed the way I live and look at my life.

My Education:

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design with honors from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and Marie Forleo’s B-School

Currently Reading:

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Current Trainings:

Create Awesome Online Courses by David Siteman Garland and Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey