When you pair coaching, collaboration, and creativity, you get epic brands that not only speak to your heart and soul but your clients too. 


At this point you’ve rebranded too many times to count and something, or everything, still feels off. You’re fed up. You’re sick and tired of spending time and money DIYing your brand just to go back and tweak the logo, images, and text every month.

You, my friend, are a serial rebrander.

Don’t feel bad about it. I was a serial rebrander too and, honestly, most creative business owners are when we first start out. The only way to find our true passion and sweet spot is through play and discovery. Oftentimes that happens in the form of logo edits, color changes, and website image tweaks.

In fact, I’d be a little worried if you were still on the first brand you ever created for your business.

After your months or years of play are over and you’ve hit that sweet spot within your business it’s time to upgrade to a brand that can grow and evolve with you without needing a refresh every few years.

If you’re done DIYing it and ready to build a brand that feels like home to both you and your tribe, you’re in the right place.

This collaborative creative process of mine has been in the works, knowingly, for over a year now and, unknowingly, since started drawing logo concepts for my high school softball team.

After working as a freelance graphic designer for 7+ years and owning a branding design business for a little over a year, I realized through my own process of play and discovery that my sweet spot was in brand direction and coaching.

This collaborative creative process allows you to work with me one-on-one as your Brand Director on an ongoing basis for three months. Within that three month span, we will focus in on what I like to call the Three V’s of branding: your vision, voice, and visuals. The outcome: an entirely new brand presence that can grow and evolve with you.


Ready to align your business with your lifestyle and create your ideal brand? Apply today to see if my Brand Direction process is a good fit for you!

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Every memorable brand has a solid vision. Your brand needs to be bold to stand out from the crowd and reflect your personality, beliefs, and values. We’ll dive into your brand vision during weekly 60 minute coaching calls. We’ll cover everything from your brand beliefs to your ideal client’s journey through your brand's digital home.



In our heavily digital world, we need to express ourselves through writing. We will define how your brand speaks and shares your message on your website, newsletters, and social media. After working with one of our copy experts you’ll have a website that acts as your employee. You will also leave this experience with a brand language style guide to follow.


Your website is your digital storefront. It should attract your dream clients at first glance and invite them in for more. In order to give off the right aesthetic, you need killer visuals. I’m talking way beyond the logo here—personalized brand photography, headshots that portray your energy, stunning graphics that electrify your presence, and web pages that lead your viewer on an amazingly impactful journey.


I don’t believe in one-stop shops, so we collaborate with the best of the best to bring your ideal brand to life. We will work with:

  • Logo Designers

  • Website Designers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Copywriters

  • SEO Experts

  • Videographers

  • Photographers

You don’t have to worry about putting your business on hold for the rebrand. I am your brand vision keeper so I work with everyone behind-the-scenes to bring your vision to life. You simply need to set aside 60 minutes each week to meet with me.


You’re walking away with your ideal brand. A brand that is ultimately future proof and has the ability to grow and evolve with you overtime. 

You’re receiving a complete brand presence that both energizes and feels like home to you and your community.

You’re getting a team of talented business owners backing you up and coming together to successfully build your brand. 

You’re confidently continuing to focus on running your business while I bring you through the collaborative creative process smoothly.

You’re gaining focused direction and practical advice from an experienced Brand Director to bring your brand vision to life.


When I say complete brand presence, I mean it.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’re getting:

(*Specifics will vary slightly depending on your needs.)

Brand Vision

  • Brand Direction 
  • Project Management
  • Weekly 60 Minute Coaching Calls + Action Plan
  • Brand Values + Beliefs
  • Ideal Client Exploration
  • Comprehensive Brand Guide

Brand Voice 

  • Tagline
  • Golden Circle One Sentence (who, what, how, why) 
  • Website copy
  • Sales page copy
  • Social Media Bios 
  • Brand Language Guide

Brand Visuals

  • Primary + Secondary Logo
  • Typefaces + Color Schemes
  • Moodboard
  • Brand Elements
  • Website Design + Development
  • Custom Brand Photography

Ready to create a brand you're proud to share and show off to the world? Apply today to reserve your spot! 


I understand, from both the perspective of client and designer, how terrifying and energizing it can be to rebrand. I’ve had others entrust me with their business, and I’ve hesitantly handed my brand vision over to someone else.

The initial feeling is a jumbled mess of terror and excitement. The outcome is magical, game changing, transformative, life altering, validating, grounding, and energizing.

The words you’re reading, photos you’re seeing, website you’re scrolling through, and senses you’re feeling in this space right now, were brought to life through this exact collaborative creative process.

You didn’t think I was going to offer up this process before trying it out on my own brand, did you!?

Some of the most humble ladies I know helped me create this brand—my ideal brand—that is completely aligned with who I am and what I represent. When you give talented business owners creative freedom and have a brand director to carry out the vision, you end up with a brand that feels like home and attracts your dream clients.

When you're living, working, and creating within your new ideal brand, you just might feel aligned for the very first time on your journey.



Only 3 spots left in 2016!

Now booking.

Due to the amount of time and woman power we put in, we only take one creative business owner through this creative collaberative process at a time. You and your brand are our primary focus.

Total investment varies based on your branding needs.
starting at $5550 (for all three month)

The breakdown:

Brand Positioning, Coaching, and Direction: $2683
Primary and Secondary Logo Design: $500 - $750
Website Design and Development: $2000 - $2500
30 Custom Brand Photos: $367 - $597
Copy Writing for Website: $1097 - $1497

Ready to build a brand presence that feels like home and attracts your dream clients?
Apply now to reserve your spot for 2016.



+ What does the hiring process look like for this?

  1. You click that “Start Here” button and fill out the application.
  2. We determine if we're a good fit over a 20 minute Skype call.
  3. I send over your final proposal, and we schedule our first call!

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You have the option to pay in two or three monthly installments.

+ What if I want to continue working with you after the rebrand?

If you would like to continue working with me for ongoing support, we will simply move you over to one of the three coaching packages I offer.

+ I’m just starting my business. Would this be the best option for me?

I don’t believe this would be the best option for you at this point. Since this is a large investment and the goal is to build you a brand that is ultimately futureproof, you might be better off starting with Long Term Coaching so we can focus in and dedicate the time needed to solidify your brand vision.

+ That’s a lot of money...

Yes, it is. I hesitated before I put money down on my own brand as well. I know how hard it is to invest big bucks into one focused area of your brand as a small business owner.

I’d ask you to sit with a few questions to help you decide when it’s best for you to invest:

Does my brand voice and visuals match the brand vision I am attempting to portray?
How will this process change the way I work and move within my brand?
What am I trying to gain for me or my clients through this rebrand?
How many classes or clients would it take for me to get a ROI on this rebrand?
Could I increase my prices after my rebrand with the updated experience?