It's time to put the puzzle pieces of your brand together, and share your story without fear of losing your loyal community and customers.

Devan Danielle Brand Vision Audio Workbook

You’ve built your existing brand by sharing helpful, valuable, action-packed content with your community and customers.

Now that you’ve started growing a community, you’re wondering how to share more you in your content without losing your current customer base and growing a bigger audience to share your brand with.

Are you stuck in an unknown, overwhelming phase of your brand wondering:

  • Where, when, and how do I start sharing my story without feeling self indulgent? 
  • How do all of the different products, services, and offerings I’ve already created work together?
  • How can I make more of an impact with my brand?
  • How do I explain to someone what exactly it is that I do?
  • How does every tweet, blog post, newsletter, product, and service fit together in my overall brand vision!?

If you feel like you're spinning out of control trying to balance personal and business within your brand, you're in the right place.

At some point along the way we all start to realize that simply sharing valuable content is not enough. Our people want to connect with us, relate to us, and know more about the person they're buying from.

It’s time to add more YOU into your brand.

The Brand Vision Audio Workbook will help you build a brand that aligns with your lifestyle and core values—not the other way around. 

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I’ve been where you are.

I struggled to piece all of the moving parts of my brand together. I let fear stop me from sharing my own story for years. It took me months to see that sharing more "me" could benefit my community and grow a loyal audience.

Finally, I put a game plan together for my brand and became insanely clear on my brand's purpose. I shared my story with a few close friends in my network first. Then I decided what pieces to share and where to share it. I started looking within and visualizing what success meant for me, and then I built my brand around that. I finally started sharing more of my story—struggles and all—and finally put my vision into action.

Through sharing my story and implementing my vision, I was able to organically grow an engaged community of creative entrepreneurs who believed in my brand enough to share it with their own communities.

Devan is the first branding expert I’ve ever worked with and it was a truly valuable experience. I knew my brand needed some work, specifically my voice and vision, but I didn’t know how I could be helped. She asked questions in a way that brought out deeper answers than I’m used to giving, easily digging out parts of my vision that I didn’t even know I had! She listened to what I said and repeated my answers back to me in a way that made everything more clear. I had so many “ah-ha” moments working with her and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned!
— Krista Rae, Blog Strategist + WordPress Developer,

Ready to define your brand vision and build out your own brand plan?

11 Audio Lessons, 20+ exercises, 10 Individual Workbooks, $129

Devan has a way of getting you to find something inside you that you didn’t even know was in you! She teaches and speaks in a manner that is so helpful and genuine.
— Katie Gariepy, Designer and Owner,

Everything that's included in the Brand Vision Audio Workbook!

The Brand Vision Audio Workbook is made up of 11 audio lessons, 20+ exercises, and 10 individual workbooks. 

Brand Vision Audio Workbook -- step-by-step audio exercises paired with a self-guided workbook for creative business owners and bloggers

Redefine what success means to YOU. What does your ideal day, week, month, or life look like? When you get real with yourself about what you want, it's easier to avoid the comparison game, put your blinders on, and #YouDoYouBoo!

2 - Find your people

Define and align your core values with your brand so you can make quick, confident decisions about the direction your brand is headed.


3 - Define Your Expertise

Discover your purpose / your why to keep you going on those especially tough days. Knowing exactly what you were meant to do here on this earth is everything.


4 - Craft Your One Sentence

Define your one ideal client so you can relate back to her every single time you hit publish.


5 - Define Your Values

Get the strategy you need to talk to your ideal client so you can learn her hopes, dreams, struggles, and fears and start creating solutions just for her.


6 - Discover Your Purpose, Your Why

Know and own your expertise. We're putting an end to your shiny object syndrome and bad habit of trying to do it all. 


7 - Discover Your Story

Organize all of your offerings—both paid and free—in a way that backs up your expertise, aka what you want to be known for.


8 - Tell your brand story better

Structure your one sentence in a way that allows you to clearly and confidently tell someone what exactly it is that you do. Say goodbye to that deflated feeling and the stutters, "um's," and "ahh's..."


9 - Redefine what success means to you + your brand

Dig into your personal story and combine it with your brand story to be memorable, real, honest, and impactful. This is what helps you build that loyal community.


10 - Give Your brand a home

Give your brand a home. Once you have all of the puzzle pieces of your brand defined, you need to know where are how to share it so we'll cover that too!

I absolutely loved working with Devan! She has been awesome throughout this entire process of trying to re-brand and specifically figure out my vision / my “why.” She helped me figure out what interested me + what I wanted to write about and assisted in helping me relate it back to my audience + purpose. She is an awesome mentor + so supportive in making your brand come to life. I would definitely recommend her to those who ever feel “stuck” and have no idea where to go with their brand.
— Tiffany, Content Manager + Blogger,

Ready to put the puzzle pieces of your brand story together?

11 Audio Lessons, 20+ exercises, 10 Individual Workbooks, $129

Devan has the experience and the knowledge to offer real, actionable advice. The Brand Clarity session was as easy-going as talking with an old friend - but an old friend who is on top of her game and knows how to help you make things happen. I’m implementing things that we discussed immediately!
— Kaitlyn Kessler, Cohesive Brand Creator,

You have Questions? I have answers.

Who is this for?

If you’ve traded your email for countless free worksheets, email courses, and webinars promising to teach you how to grow your audience and make your brand stand out only to be disappointed by the content, this is for you.

  • Business owners who are feeling lost and overwhelmed within their own brand.
  • Infopreneurs who just want to focus on creating amazing content but know they need a better strategy in place for sharing their brand story.
  • Business owners and bloggers who are just starting out and want to enter the game with a strong brand vision and sense of purpose.
  • Creative entrepreneurs who are struggling to define who exactly they're talking to and how to make decisions within their brand.
  • Bosses who are tired of the 60+ hour work weeks and just want to figure out a solid plan for their brand.

Whether you’ve been selling products, services, and courses for a few years or you're just starting to monetize your blog, you need a crystal clear brand vision to attract your ideal clients, grow a loyal community, and sustain your customer base.

When will I get the Brand Vision Audio Workbook?

You will receive access to the Brand Vision Audio Workbook in your inbox on January 1, 2016. 

Will the Brand Vision Audio Workbook be editable?

Yes! You will not have to print the Brand Vision Workbook if you don't want to. It is an editable PDF file.

What will happen when I buy the Brand Vision Audio Workbook?

You will be to directed to the Brand Vision Party page where you will be greeted by a little audio recording from me! Then you will receive an email confirmation followed by an introductory email.

The step-by-step audio clips and self-guided workbook will arrive on January 1, 2016.

If you’re one of the lucky 25 to get a free 60 minute Brand Vision Coaching session with me, I will send you the link to my calendar to book your one-on-one session in February or March of 2016 after you've had time to work through the Brand Vision Audio Workbook.

So what’s your next step going to be? 

Keep ignoring your brand vision and be consumed by overwhelm or finally get organized and start sharing your brand story? (I would lovingly suggest the latter option.)

11 Audio Lessons, 20+ exercises, 10 Individual Workbooks, $129

I reached out to Devan because I was in a rut right before relaunching my blog. She came to the rescue by being my coach. She gave sound advice that not only reassured me but she pointed me in the right direction when I was lost. She was extremely helpful in providing me constructive feedback and a different perspective, and I am so grateful to have worked with her, call her a mentor, and most of all a lifelong friend.
— Alyssa Mopia, Lifestyle Blogger,

Disclaimer: I am here to give you as much guidance and support as possible, but at the end of the day you have to take action and implement the exercises and lessons in the Brand Vision Audio Workbook. If you show up and do the work like a boss you’re going to walk away with a clear plan for your brand!

When you purchase the Brand Vision Audio Workbook, you are agreeing not to redistribute any of the materials covered in your own (included but not limited to) blog posts, courses, ebooks, worksheets, newsletters, etc. You are purchasing one copy of the Brand Vision Audio Workbook for one person only. Sharing this product is prohibited. If you do redistribute or repurpose this content in any way, you will immediately receive a not so loving cease and desist letter from me.  

Since you will receive this product digitally, there will not be any refunds issued.

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