Ideal Client Study Class

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Ideal Client Study Class



Designers, writers, photographers, creative, and heart-centered business owners who want to find their ideal clients in real life and start speaking directly to them through every aspect of their brand. 

We’re ditching the guess work that comes with creating a customer avatar and going straight for results by finding your actual ideal client in real life.

The best part: your ideal clients are already hanging out where you are online. You just need the right information and proven action steps to find and attract them. This is where the Ideal Client Study comes in!



  • what makes an ideal client ideal
  • why it’s important to know who your ideal clients are
  • why you need to go beyond just one ideal client
  • important details you’ll want to learn about your ideal clients (to connect with them on an emotional level)
  • practical places to find your ideal clients in real life
  • defining the common threads that link your ideal clients
  • real life example, from my own brand, of how the entire Ideal Client Study process works from start to finish
  • where and how to start attracting your ideal clients
  • how to create content for your ideal clients
  • how to sustain the ideal clients you have while consistently attracting more
  • things to remember as a business owner striving to build a successful brand

I’m not only teaching you why, where, and how to find your own ideal clients, but I’m also showing you a real life example of how I applied the Ideal Client Study in my own brand to find a few of my most ideal clients.

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  • a video of teaching (50 - 60 minutes)
  • 12 days to access the video teaching
  • class outline to fill out and follow along with
  • Ideal Client Study worksheet with exercises to complete after class
  • Ideal Client Study — Common Thread worksheet (that doubles as a wall hanging for your office)



  • Ideal Client Study — Connection Tracker Worksheet
  • LIVE Q + A session with me after class so I can answer any questions you have



"Devan absolutely blew me away. She is a natural teacher and was willing to share her vast knowledge even when it was outside of the scope." — Jenny K, Financial Coach

"This class has made me feel much more confident... It helped me realize who my ideal clients were and how I can find them, which means I have more control over my success." — Amanda Nicole, Photographer

"I was able to move past my fears of not being clear on who my ideal client is. I now understand the concept of an ideal client much better and how I fit into the picture. I was able to revamp my whole website to reflect more of who I want to serve..." — Daphna R, Life and Business Coach


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