Crack the Code on Your Client Process

This two-hour session includes:

  • Review of your existing client process (from inquiry to testimonial)
  • Assessment of where your process needs stronger boundaries
  • Feedback on how to improve your client process + set boundaries
  • Implementation items to streamline your entire client process


  • A client process that both you and your clients love, which means better work created by you and more referrals from clients.

One time payment of $297. Only ten spots available. First come, first serve.

Let's Get To Work!

My workflow is far more streamlined and I don’t spend hours replying to emails. I feel so much more legit and I think potential clients are seeing me as a clear professional.
— Natalie Zepp, Lifestyle Photographer
Client Testimonial

Let's Get To Work!

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  1. You make a one time payment.
  2. You snag a time on my calendar this month.
  3. We work through your existing client process and update it to have clear client boundaries.
  4. I check-in a week later to answer questions and review implementation items with you.