Building strategies that ensure your brand is serving a purpose and making a profit is what I love to do.

Brand Strategy. Brand Coaching. Brand Consulting. Call it whatever you want. 

Bottom Line: You and I work together one-on-one to solidify your brand positioning and implement simple strategies to grow your business.

Whether you’re feeling stuck, refreshing your brand, or having a brand identity crisis, I got you covered.

We'll dig deeper and define what your brand and business is really all about:


  • WHAT YOU DO to HELP others

  • WHO YOU Serve (aka your ideal clients)

  • HOW YOU Do what you do DIFFERENTLY

  • WHY YOU DO What you do

We'll create custom strategies to ensure you're positioning yourself as an expert, attracting the right people, and getting paid to do what you love.


$497 Per MONTH   |   3 Month Commitment   |   LIMITED SPOTS

Let's make sure we're a good fit and get to work!

The Details of Your Experience
Welcome Package

You will receive a digital workbook with an initial questionnaire to define your big picture goals (in business and life), a brand vision guide to define the details, and monthly check-in sheets.


Monthly Calls

One 90 minute call per month to assess your current challenges, big picture goals, and monthly tasks. You will leave the call with a video recording and a game plan to move your brand and business forward. 

Action Steps

3 - 5 action steps, along with any additional exercises and worksheets, to help you accomplish things like increasing your prices, repositioning your services, creating a new on-boarding email sequence, etc.


Not sure how this will work for you and your brand?

Check out a real life case study from one of my top notch clients!


Let's make sure we're a good fit first, and then let's get to work!

I’ve stood in your shoes.

I’ve gone through the brand identity crisis. I've shifted my brand.

I understand your passion, desire for purpose, and need for profit.

I also know all of your answers are in your gut. You just need someone to ask the right questions and see your vision.

I’m here to help you uncover your roadmap — the one that’s completely custom to you and your unique brand.

xo Devan Danielle



Let's make sure we're a good fit first. Fill out an inquiry, and let's get to work!


+ How does the hiring process work?

  1. You click that “I'm in. Let's get started!” button above and fill out the inquiry form.
  2. We'll determine if we're a good fit over a 20 minute "in person" coffee chat (over Skype).
  3. I'll send you the welcome package, and we get to work!

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can make monthly payments. Payments must be processed before each call.

+ What if I need a new design too?

I got you covered. Whatever your budget is for your visual brand, I can point you in the right direction.

+ What if I want to continue working with you after three months?

Let me know within two weeks of our time ending, so I can ensure you three more months of working together!

+ I’m just starting my business. Would this be the best option for me?

If you are just starting your business and do not have an online brand presence yet, I'd recommend starting with my brand mini classes. Each class will help you build out one focused area of your brand for a very affordable rate. Start there and in no time, you'll be here working with me one-on-one!