Define Your Brand Mission Headline

It’s time to clearly communicate what you do
so you can work with more of the *right* clients.

I already know I want to book a Define Your Brand Mission spot!

It's frustrating working with clients who aren't exactly ideal.

You know the ones who... 

don't have a solid budget and haggle for a lower price

drag out their project months (and months) past your deadline

just don't quite understand or respect what you do


You started your own business to do what you love and work with clients you love.


It's time to attract consistent, quality clients through your brand who...

have a solid budget and are happy to pay you for your service

trust your process and stick to your deadlines

need, understand, and are thankful for the work you do


Define Your Brand Mission is a one-on-one service to help you clearly communicate what you do and how you do it differently to potential clients.

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"Devan helped me break down my brand and pull out the important things potential clients need to hear. I came out of this feeling like I had a much better handle on my business and how to sell myself without feeling pushy. 

My brand message is clear and the potential clients reaching out are actually the clients that I WANT."

— Natalie of Natalie Zepp Photography, Lifestyle Photographer


During your Define Your Brand Mission session, we will cover:


Your Investment is a One-Time Payment of $297

I'm ready to book my Define Your Brand Mission spot!

How the Define Your Brand Mission Process works:

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1. Click the button below to fill out your payment information. Once your payment is received, you'll see a welcome email from me with a contract to sign.

2. Next, I'll send you the Define Your Brand Mission Questionnaire to fill out. 

3. Then, you'll book a time on my calendar for our 60 minute Define Your Brand Mission strategy session.

4. We'll meet virtually and create a brand mission that connects with your ideal clients.

5. Finally, I'll send you notes from our strategy session with your final brand mission. I'll also send a bonus guide to show you exactly how to apply your new brand mission!


Save your Define Your Brand Mission spot now for $297!

I'm ready to book my Define Your Brand Mission spot!

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"If you are having trouble clarifying your brand mission so that it makes sense, connects with the perfect clients, and shows how you are different, reach out to Devan! She's incredible at what she does!"

— Cathy of Love Inspired, Web Designer


You have questions. I have answers.

I'm ready to book my Define Your Brand Mission spot!

You will be taken to an order form. Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive a welcome email (with confetti flying) from me to get started!


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“I needed some expert advice on where to go next with my brand. Devan provided the framework for me and made it so easy to work through.

She can assist you in getting really clear about where you are heading and how to articulate exactly what you do and who you do it for.” 

— Hayley of HPPR, Public Relations



+ What happens next?

You will be taken to an order form. Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email from me with all of the details to get started!

  1. Sign Contract
  2. Complete Workbook (30 - 60 minutes)
  3. Schedule your 60 minute session (within 60 days)
  4. Show up to our Define Your Brand Mission session and walk away with your complete, one-sentence brand mission statement
  5. Apply your new brand mission statement (to your website, social media, and beyond)!

+ How long does this process take?

Your workbook will take 30 - 60 minutes to complete and we will have a 60 minute one-on-one session, so 2 hours minimum!

+ Is this for me?

Are you looking to shift your personal brand, attract more of the right clients, or get clear on who you work with, what you do, how you do it differently? Then yes, this is for you!

I've helped designers, photographers, coaches, magazine editors, and more amazing creative business owners through this service!

+ How can I contact you for more information?

Email me at hello @ devandanielle . com with the subject line: "Define Your Brand Mission Question."