Fully Upgraded — 2019 Business Plan

a powerful guide for reflecting, assessing, and setting intentions


In this 49-page fillable (or printable) PDF, you will find:

  • 3 main parts to help you reflect on 2018 you, assess your business, and set clear intentions for 2019

  • specific sections which guide you through naming your year, evaluating dream clients, setting income goals, simplifying your marketing strategy, letting go of what is no longer serving you, assessing your energetic balance, and more (listed below)

  • An opportunity to look back at 2018 and evaluate what worked so you can shift and set more intentional goals for 2019

  • Guidance to help you create a flexible, focused business plan that serves your deepest desires for both life and business

If you’re feeling called, purchase the 2019 Creative Business Plan for $44 and get started with the immediate download.

Ashley Business Plan Testimonial

"Working through the plan helped me establish my brand framework, create a plan for 2018, and decide how I want my business to actually interact with my every-day life.

Devan continues to be an expert in branding and business for mission-driven creatives, and I am proof that what she creates is valuable and action-inducing. Buy it."

— Ashley Beaudin, Speaker + Creator of Imperfect Boss Camp (Review from the 2018 Business Plan)


Here’s a sneak peek of everything included:

Part 1: Reflect on 2018 You

Check-In: Assess the different areas of your life

Pour Your Heart Out: Get honest in these deeply reflective questions

Let It Go: Release anything that is no longer serving you

Practice Gratitude: Happy, thank you, more please

Name Your Year: Theme it and leave it

Part 2: Assess Your Business

Energy Assessment: Find energetic balance within your business

Money Assessment: Evaluate how you make and spend money

Money Manifestation: Determine how much you would like to make and why

Dream Client Assessment: Dig into who your dream clients really are

Marketing: Simplify your marketing strategy and set social media boundaries

Become Your Best Boss: Avoid burnout and serve you better

Support System: Thank your business besties

Part 3: Set Your 2019 Intentions

Get Dreamy: Tap into your deepest desires for 2019

Set Your Intentions: Get clear on both your business and personal goals

Make It Happen: Create space to start bringing your intentions to life

Set The Tone + Let It Flow: Bring your intentions to life with ease and enjoyment

Name Your Year: Theme it and live it


2019 Business Plan for Creative EntreprenEUrs

If you’re ready for less burnout and more balance, this business plan is made for you.