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What do you really want? 


This question had the power to change the direction of my career and my life — and it has the power to change yours too if you let it.

In 2018, I was at a funky place in my life. I was about to turn 27. I had been running my brand design business for four years and just felt… uninspired, unfulfilled, like I wasn’t living my true purpose.

After a mini breakdown, and getting radically honest with myself about what I really wanted, I knew I needed to make a change.

Coaching had been on my radar since the start of my business and I even dabbled in it occasionally offering coaching sessions to my brand clients who requested additional mentoring, but I didn’t know if I could make it my full-time business.

  • Could I really help my clients on a deeper level?

  • Could I really earn a living from coaching?

  • Would someone really hire me to do this work?

  • What did the process even look like to help someone in this way?

  • And how in the world did I go about selling something so intangible?

My answer came in the form of the:

Beautiful You Coaching Academy 

Photo of me with head coach Julie Parker in Vancouver, Canada at an Inspiration Day. Photo taken by Ronnie Lee Photography.

Photo of me with head coach Julie Parker in Vancouver, Canada at an Inspiration Day. Photo taken by Ronnie Lee Photography.

After chatting with two women who hand gone through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) and checking out other coaching certification options, I knew there was something special about BYCA.

It was less corporate and more heart-fueled.

It was less hustle and more feminine energy.

It was less competing and more sisterhood.

So I took a leap of faith, jumped on the waitlist, prayed for a spot to open up if it was meant to be, and found myself excitedly enrolling at 10pm a week later!

My entire life changed as a result of this divine decision and incredible program.

Since completing BYCA in October 2018, my business and personal relationship to myself has transformed.

  • I finished the program with four one-on-one coaching clients.

  • I co-hosted my first group coaching program, Empowered You, which solidified this work as my purpose and changed the lives of the five incredible women who joined me.

  • I completely transitioned my business from branding to coaching.

  • I finally felt like my heart and my head were in alignment working towards the same mission.

  • I met two beautiful women, who I am still in touch with today, at the in-person Inspiration Day which will remind you just how capable you are as an emerging coach.


I loved every minute of my time with BYCA so much that I didn’t want to stop being a part of this sisterhood once the course ended.

So, after becoming a certified Beautiful You life coach, I also chose to become an affiliate of their incredible program.

Which means, if you are feeling the call to become a life coach and help make massive transformations in others lives (and your own), you can choose to sign up through me and receive:

3-months of one-on-one coaching free (valued at $1997)

You can apply this time together towards your certification if you choose that pathway too!

Photo with two fellow BYCA coaches taken by Ronnie Lee Photography.

Photo with two fellow BYCA coaches taken by Ronnie Lee Photography.


I wholeheartedly believe in this course and the power it has to change your entire life.

To learn more about becoming a BYCA life coach and get your questions answered, sign up for a 30-minute chat with me here:


If you’re ready to enroll now and know you want to sign up through me (and receive my affiliate offer), enter “Devan Danielle” in the CODE field at checkout. I’m so excited to partner up with you girl! xx


Read my review

after completing the academy in 2018


“World shattering — in the best way possible. My work and my soul are finally in sync.

I don’t think I will ever be able to fully put into words how thankful I am for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.

I hosted my first group coaching program with five incredible women and am currently working with four one-on-one coaching clients.

I can only imagine how my business and skills as a coach will grow from here!

This course includes everything a potential coach would need. The heart, practical information, support, encouragement and inspiration — it’s all there.

I’ve taken *a lot* of courses in the past 4 years since starting my business, and I can honestly say nothing has come close to this.”