Empowering you to shift your business and confidently step into the next phase of your life.


A One-Day Live, Virtual Event

Saturday, April 27 from 11am - 4pm est

Stop living and working on autopilot. Start intentionally creating the life you desire.

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What To Expect

This event will teach you how to stop operating in default mode and start consciously creating the experiences you desire in your daily life and business.

You are the creator of your reality — but most days it doesn’t feel like it.

Most days it feels like life is happening to you, rather than for you.

I get it, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

This event will help you step out of struggle mode and into your role of creator.

Becoming is here to shake things up and add some magic to your everyday!

Inspired by the magic that happens at in-person events, you can expect a fun combination of community, classes, creativity, and coaching.


Event Details & Itinerary

This one-day virtual event will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 11am to 4pm est. We will work through four lessons together with a break for lunch.

You will be able to join in live via Zoom with a link I provide. There will be lots of time throughout the day to ask questions and get in the hot seat for coaching, so expect to participate live! There will also be a community via Slack so you can meet fellow event attendees and keep the conversation going. You will receive a recording of the event as well. Here’s how the day will flow:

Follow your feelings To What’s Next

11am - 12pm EST

  • learn how emotions and energy play into reaching your ultimate desires

  • learn how your thoughts and feelings affect your mood and personality

  • understand energetically why it’s your job to feel good first

  • discover simple tools to check-in daily and implement new habits

Tune In For Solutions to Problems

12pm - 1pm EST

  • learn the difference between your ego and intuition

  • learn the difference between operating from the conscious vs unconscious

  • learn how to access your own inner knowing for guidance and answers

Break from 1pm - 2pm EST

Heal Yourself To Move Forward

2pm - 3pm EST

  • learn when an old belief or mindset blocks is holding you back

  • discover different tools and techniques to overcome the blocks you’ve uncovered — both subconsciously and consciously

BecomING With Ease Vs EfforT

3pm - 4pm EST

  • learn how to get what you desire with more flow and less hustle

  • find the balance between taking action and allowing things to flow

  • learn the exact exact process I use to set powerful intentions, manifest the outcomes I desire, and allow the process to unfold in an enjoyable way

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What People Are Saying



Life Coach

“Devan is a straight shooter, an encourager, and the resource you need to uplevel your life.”




“I feel like I am years ahead of where I would be without Devan. I am more in tune with who I am as a person and who I want to be.”



SHop Owner

“Devan helped me realize this drive, hope, belief, and ability I have inside of me to push for more and make shit happen.”


Meet Devan

After 23 years of living from a place of hustle, perfection, and doing everything I “should” to have a happy, successful life… I was left feeling anxious, lost, defeated, and more confused about my life purpose than ever.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, falling back into old ways, and learning new ways over the last six years, but eventually I learned how to:

  • work from a place of ease and enjoyment vs hustle and burnout

  • trust myself and tune inwards vs seeking validation from others

  • make money doing what I love — following what feels fun and fuels joy

  • launch services, products, and a booked out event in a way that feels good

  • implement daily alignment practices that help me become my highest self

  • feel confident doing things differently knowing that I’m living and working in alignment with my purpose

And now I want to teach you.

I want you to feel good about this life you’re living! I want you to wake up feeling passionate and fired up about your work! I want you to be excited for the new possibilities coming your way while enjoying the present moment. I want you to stop suffering your way through life and business and, instead, THRIVE. I want you to realize that this life you’re living is happening for you, not to you.

If you’re feeling called, I would love to teach you what I’ve learned and come alongside you as you’re becoming the conscious creator of your life and business.

<333 Devan


You will receive a recording of the event, but it is highly encouraged you join in live for the full experience.


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