AMBitious, Heart-led online business owners:

Are you ready to stop playing small, rework your business so it works for you, and shift into your most empowered self?

Meet my deeply transformative, intimate 8-week group mentorship program:

Empowered You


Girl, it’s time to…

Release old programming and beliefs that are holding you back.

Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the internet.

Start charging your worth and setting boundaries that serve you.

Create a daily routine that connects you with your highest self.

Get after the things you really want in life and business.

It all starts with you — embodying your most empowered self.


Due to the intimate nature of this program, only 6 - 8 creative business owners will be accepted.


Tell me if this resonates with you…

  • You’re playing small in your life and business

  • You’re wasting time endlessly scrolling on social

  • You’re wanting to shift / pivot your business

  • You’re struggling to set clear boundaries

  • You’re saying yes to everyone but yourself

  • You’re hustling hard and feeling burnt out

  • You’re wrestling with self doubt and comparison

  • You’re wishing you could work less and make more

  • You’re afraid to create and launch that new offer

  • You’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain exhausted


And you’re ready to…

  • Shift from freelancer to legit business owner

  • Step into a leadership role and be your best self

  • Grow alongside and connect with women like you

  • Slow down, quiet the noise, and connect within

  • Do life with an all around lighter, more confident attitude

  • Uplevel your mindset and allow more goodness into your life

  • Be guided by someone who’s been where you are

  • Run your business in an entirely new empowered energy


Hey girl! I'm Devan.

Not too long ago, I was riding first class on the hot mess express.

I was feeling lost and passionless in my business, burnt out and exhausted from the constant launch and crash cycle, and hustling hard to make sure everyone around me was happy.

And then I realized I wasn’t happy. The old school way of living and running a business wasn’t working for me. So, I decided it was time to put the most important part of my business first: me.

I took myself through a process of:

  • saying no and setting boundaries

  • clearing the noisy mental clutter

  • cutting out the comparison crap

  • creating space to connect with myself

  • getting in tune with the higher vision for my life

  • shifting the way I run my business (to serve me better)

  • and all around stepping into the empowered version of myself

Now, I’m here to support other female business owners, like you, through a similar transformation. If you’re feeling called to pause the hustle, create more space in your daily life, and embody a new way of being, I cannot wait to support you in becoming Empowered You.

<333 Devan


AMBER BRANNON  Copperheart Creative

AMBER BRANNON Copperheart Creative

I walked away with a new mindset for my life and 5 new business besties to walk through life with.

I felt the weight of the world pushing against me in my business, relationships, and essentially affecting every aspect of my life. Devan helped me break my own expectations to be true to myself and give myself what I needed. Rest. Grace. Reflection.

This program gave me the permission in my day to pause and reflect of what I need in order to serve others at my best. Now, after 5 weeks, people are noticing I feel, act, and do life with a "lighter" attitude.

No matter what phase of your business you're in, it's a must-do course! If you're looking for "more" from life: clarity, joy, purpose, or whatever - Devan will help you find it. :) Devan gave me the permission to follow my heart when everything in my head was yelling the opposite. My expectations for this course were blown away. I've already recommended it to ALL of my business friends!


What you’ll experience over the 8-weeks together:




We are digging in deep from day one! This first week is all about creating SPACE in your social media feed, inbox, and in your mind. We will dig into what it means to find balance and battle comparison as an online business owner. This week will leave you feeling free with a sigh of relief as you create space for what’s to come.


Now that we’ve created some much needed space, it’s time to tune into YOU. What are your deepest desires? What do you really want for your life? How do you really want to show up in your business? It’s time to meet the most empowered version of you… and feel gloriously connected, clear, and confident in where you’re headed!



This week is all about identifying and breaking the “rules” you’ve been taught by family members, teachers, and society that are keeping you small. We’ll uncover which identities your ego clings to, and you’ll go through a healing and releasing process to allow transformation. It’s time to carve your own path and be fully YOU.


If it's not a hell yes, it's a no. This week is all about saying no to the things that are no longer serving you, giving yourself permission to create more of what you really want, and setting boundaries that allow you to honor yourself — your time, energy, and top priorities. People pleasing is no longer your way of life.



Our mind is more powerful than we know. It's time to majorly uplevel your mindset by releasing hidden (subconscious) stories and old thought patterns that no longer serve you. I’ll teach you my 4-part rewire method so you can shift your perspective fast and consistently create the life and business you really want.


It’s time to drop the daily struggle and allow more ease into your life. An incredible life is made up of the actions you make each day, so this week we’ll focus on creating a personalized daily routine that serves your highest self. You’ll leave this week with a plan to consistently feel good and live out your vision of freedom.



You are well on your way by now. The transformation is happening at a rapid rate. The way you look at life and business has shifted. You are consistently acting from a space of your most empowered self. Now, it's time to clean up any last loose ends stopping you from fully becoming the woman and business owner you are meant to be.


Girl, you're flying high and feeling free. Most of my Empowered You women report feeling “lighter” at this stage! You've done an incredible amount of growing and shifting in an intense amount of time. Now, it's time to celebrate yourself, your sisters, your success, and your new way of being. It's champagne poppin' time!



(verb) to promote self-actualization and make someone stronger and more confident; especially in controlling their life


AMANDA COUCH  Amanda Louise Design

AMANDA COUCH Amanda Louise Design

By the end of the program, I felt like I could breathe again.

Devan is amazing. She was willing to go above and beyond in supporting us each individually outside of the calls, as well as being an amazing coach on the calls. Everything she says is thoughtful and relevant and really makes you think... Sometimes I don't feel comfortable sharing some thoughts, roadblocks, or even wins with close friends and family, but I felt completely comfortable and understood around these women and Devan.

Coming into the program, I felt stuck. I felt like I had this huge weight on my shoulders pressuring me to do #allthethings and be everything to everyone. I lost my joy and passion for my business as well as my life in general. I was down a lot, stressed out all the time, and just felt lost. By the end of the program, I felt like I could breathe again. I stand up for myself, my beliefs and my choices now, even if I think others may be disappointed or judgmental.

I just have a whole new view of my life, my business, and my happiness. I even had a friend comment right before the last call we had that they've never seen me so happy before. If you need to make changes in your life and/or business, this is the program for you.


How the Program Works:



more like life-changing container

We meet every week (for 8-weeks) on Tuesdays at 3pm PST. It is pretty crucial that you are able to attend most, if not all, of the calls live. This is where the magic happens! I kick off each call with that week’s training topic and we move straight into group coaching.


more like sisterhood

My Empowered You girls from the first round are still meeting every week and have meet each other in real life multiple times! This is not your typical Facebook Group you get lost in. This is a safe space held on Slack. I’m in there everyday supporting and cheering you on.


Important dates + DETAILS

Empowered You kicks off on August 6 and we wrap up on September 24.
You will have access to the call replays and content forever-ever.


LEXI SMITH  Dynamo Ultima

LEXI SMITH Dynamo Ultima

After each session I felt so inspired to move forward and continue down my path of shifting my business in the direction I wanted.

The level of support was AMAZING. I loved this group! I worked through a ton of limiting beliefs I had about myself and realized where those stories were coming from. :)

Coming into the program, I was already feeling like I wanted to make a big shift in my business but I just really wanted the extra support and help from others.

I came out of the program feeling confident in my transition, feeling like I understood better what was actually holding me back, and feeling like I had a group of supportive friends which is hard to find when your business is completely online!


You are your only limitation. It’s time to own your power.


My Intention For you

My main intention with this personal development program is to empower YOU as the limitless creator of your own life and business. I want you to finally fully realize you don’t need to depend on anyone else but yourself for the answers and guidance you seek,

For that reason, I equip you with the most powerful tools and strategies that you can use long after the program has ended. This program is your catalyst. The tools you learn inside help you keep the momentum going.

My Empowered You founding members reach out and tell me they are still using the tools they learned in this program a year later!

Nearly all of the Empowered You founding members meeting IN REAL LIFE at the Back Into Balance retreat!

Nearly all of the Empowered You founding members meeting IN REAL LIFE at the Back Into Balance retreat!


MEGAN POWELL  Little Dot Creative

MEGAN POWELL Little Dot Creative

It was like magic when changes started to happen...

I came into the program feeling a little stuck... My intention was to start living life on purpose again and shed some of these self-limiting beliefs. I came away feeling lighter and more empowered to start living my life again. It was like magic when changes started to happen, and answers started to come to me through journaling.

I loved the level of support from Devan throughout the whole process and how encouraging she was… If you're stuck, feel in a rut, uninspired, or just that you've been playing small and aren't showing the world the person you are supposed to be, then this is for you!



Is this for me? And what happens after I apply?

If you are feeling flutters in your belly, thumping in your chest, or a full body knowing, Empowered You is most-likely for you. ;)

After you apply, you will receive a personal email from me with details to save your spot! There is no high-pressure sales pitch waiting for you on the other side of the application — just me there to answer any questions you have. Then, if we both think you’re a good fit for the program, you can choose to invest using the payment plan or pay in full. This deposit will officially save your spot in the program!

Empowered You is for female-identified online business owners. Most of the women in my community happen to be creatives, designers, photographers, healers, and coaches. Since this is a very intimate group, of 6 - 8 business owners, I take special care in the application process to cultivate a community of women who will have an incredible experience together throughout the program!


What is the time commitment?

Since everyone gets a chance to sit in the hot seat and coach with me personally, weekly calls usually take about 90 minutes. Plan to commit at least 2 hours of your week to the program and the practice you are building for yourself. The more time and energy you put in, the more you will get out of this program. The women who have the best experience attend every coaching call, connect in the slack community, and commit to the practices learned throughout the program.


What happens in-between weekly coaching sessions?

After each coaching session you will walk away with custom action items to complete before our next session. Taking action in between sessions is imperative to your success in this program. You need to be willing to show up for yourself each week and dig deep.

There will also be a peer-to-peer support group (that I pop into at least once a week) so you can ask questions, receive support, be encouraged, and connect with your new business besties in between sessions.


How can I get the most out of this program?

Show up for yourself. Block out time on your calendar for our coaching calls each week. Do the work in-between sessions. Ask questions, be open, and don't be afraid to go deep during our coaching sessions. Lean in and connect with your sisters in the support group.

Your growth is up to you. At the end of the day, I can't make you do the work.

I can and will show up for you, hold space for you, believe in you, help you prioritize yourself, and give you plenty of kick-butt encouragement along the way!

It is my number one goal to cultivate a safe space and container for expansion and growth throughout the entire 8 weeks we spend together.


Due to the intimate nature of this program, only 6 - 8 applicants will be accepted.


ANNA BEYERLE  Anchored Creative Studio

ANNA BEYERLE Anchored Creative Studio

I felt a real shift within myself…

I was a little nervous coming into the program, because I didn't want it to be a waste of time... but, especially after week two, I felt a real shift within myself.

I loved the frequency and format of calls, the raw honesty everyone brought to the table, and the themes of each week.

The overall theme of this program is so great for business owners, especially those that work solo. It truly brought much needed sisterhood into my weekly practice. Everyone was so supportive - both the lovely Devan and my peers!