Empowered You 5 Week Group Coaching Program

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Are you ready to...

  • Stop playing small

  • Step up and share your truth with the world

  • Believe in yourself and your work

  • Rework your business so it works for you

  • Create your own rules in business and life

  • Root yourself in what matters most

  • Feel good and show up as your best self

  • Uplevel your mindset and feel less stress

  • Have a self care practice that works for you

  • Show up and grow within a sacred space

  • Be held accountable by women just like you

  • Be guided and encouraged by someone who’s been exactly where you are


It's time to become the most empowered version of you.


I’m here as your coach, your guide, and your cheerleader.

I’m ready to hold space for you, keep you accountable to your dreams, and encourage you to grow into the woman you want to become.

Stop letting old rules and belief systems hold you back. It's time to feel good and do it your way.

I've been where you are. I know how it feels to be stuck where you and deeply desire reaching the next level of yourself, your life, and your business.

I'm here to tell you that it all starts with you.

Investing in yourself. Giving yourself space to think and a support system to encourage you.

My mission is to support, encourage, and inspire you to become the most empowered version of yourself.

xo Devan Danielle 


Together we will cover:

We will meet live (via Zoom) for a group coaching session every Tuesday at 3pm central for five consecutive weeks: July 10 through August 7.



Breaking and recreating the rules (in life and business) until they feel good for you and serve your highest self



Setting boundaries that actually feel good so you can honor your time, energy, and top priorities (no more people pleasing)



Upleveling your mindset so you can start showing up as who you truly are and unapologetically go after what you desire



Dropping old stories and stepping into the next level version of yourself as an empowered woman and business owner



We will use our final week together to celebrate your wins and take care of any remaining questions, challenges, or blocks you're facing around stepping into the most empowered version of yourself.


EMPOWER (verb):

to promote self-actualization and make someone stronger and more confident — especially in controlling their life


What you can expect:

  • As soon as you apply, you'll receive an email from me with more details to join if we're a good fit!

  • Our first live coaching session will happen on July 10, 2018 at 3pm central

  • This will be a very intimate group of women entrepreneurs (10 max.)

  • We will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 3pm central for five consecutive weeks (via Zoom)

  • Weekly sessions will include live teaching and coaching with me

  • Coaching sessions will last 60 - 90 minutes

  • You will have a chance to ask questions and be coached on every single call

  • In between sessions you will have homework to complete (Have a journal handy!)

  • There will be a peer-to-peer support group so you can chat with each other in between sessions


I'm going to be honest.

Your growth is up to you. I can't make you do the work.

However, if you show up for yourself, do the work in between sessions, ask questions, and are open during our coaching sessions, you will become a more empowered version of yourself.

I will show up for you, hold space for you, believe in you, help you prioritize yourself, and give you plenty of kick-butt encouragement along the way.

You are not in this alone. 

Devan has enabled me to really believe in me and what I’m doing. Each time I speak with Devan, I know I’m talking to someone who is on my side. She asks the right questions in order for me to get to the right answer for myself.
— Sarah, Editor of Holl & Lane Magazine

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If you're feeling called, I would love to have you join us for round 2 of the Empowered You program!

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment opens:

There are only 6 spots available.

I like to think I can do it all on my own but everyone needs a sounding board and a partner that can help you think through your tough spots. Devan is so easy to talk to. I didn’t feel the need to be someone else. Even though my thoughts were ALL over the place, she understood and made me feel comfortable.
— Lelsey, Marketing Coach of Lesley Marie & Co