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make shifts happen

4-Part Video Series Bundle

to transform the way you’re showing up for yourself in life and business


Stop letting fear, self doubt, and limiting beliefs stop you from showing up. Shift your perspective and rise up to make your biggest dreams and desires happen.

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Does your daily mental chatter sound anything like this?

  • Who am I to create this?

  • There are already a million people doing that.

  • But what if I fail?

  • What will others think of me?

  • I’m starting too late.

  • I’m not qualified enough.

  • I should be happy with what I have.

  • I can’t commit to anything so why even try.

  • I’m not totally sure how to even start bringing this idea to life.


Whew. Our inner mean girl can be a real B!


Are you ready to stop listening to her so you can:

  • Launch the new business or product you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Believe in your work and start charging your worth.

  • Work less and make more — without adding even more tasks to your workload.

  • Feel capable stepping up and sharing your story.

  • Meet incredible humans who are ready to level up with you.

  • Take on uncertainty and step forward in the unknown.

  • Confidently move forward knowing you are making positive change and taking action towards the things you’re called to.

  • Believe in yourself like never before so you can move forward.


Stop letting fear and self doubt lead.

Rise up to your dreams.


What’s included?



Video 1

An Intro to your Subconscious vs Conscious Mind

Learn the process for healing, releasing, and rewiring the parts of your brain that are holding you back. Begin to identify when you’re operating from the ego (fear / self doubt) vs intuition (flow / self belief).

Video 2

Manage Your Mood and Create New Daily Success Habits

Learn how your thoughts, feelings, mood, and personality all play into your daily actions. Use simple energetic principles to operate less from ego, and create new high vibe habits for daily success.


Video 3

Shift Your Money Mindset to More

Uncover and heal the beliefs you have around money that are holding you back from receiving more. Get clear on the deeper why behind your desire for more money and start to carve a pathway for more.

Video 4

Drop the Resistance and Let It Be Easy

Learn how to drop the resistance, stop overcomplicating things, burning out, and exhausting yourself to get what you really want. Allow yourself to move forward with more ease and enjoyment.


How it works





Spiritual meets Science



You’ll only need 30 to 60 minutes to tune into each video.

No fluff! Trainings only include the most powerful information.

The teachings offer a mix of energetic principles and practical tools.

Each video includes one intentional action item for you to accomplish.

Upon purchase you’ll get immediate access to all 4 videos. No wait!

Ready to start making shifts happen?



Receive over $100 off the Make Shifts Happen 4-part video series bundle (and bonus resource pdf) when you purchase today. ($444 value)


 You will receive access to all four videos immediatly after purchase. Due to the nature of the deliverables, no refunds will be permitted.





great investment — less than $3 a day. 1:1 coaching and healing can cost hundreds or thousands

overcome self sabotage, disprove limiting beliefs, rewire subconscious programming

perfect place to start self-healing and self-coaching — especially when you want to see change fast


tap into your intuition and become the expert of your own life and business (instead of constantly seeking validation and approval from others)

learn from a fellow business owner and conscious creator who is committed to personal growth and will help you move forward on your development journey

build momentum — stop playing small, give up waiting, meet your highest self, and start taking consistent action steps to create your wildest dreams


Keep the momentum in your business MOVING Forward.



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