Empowering you to shift your business and confidently step into the next phase of your life.

The discomfort you’re feeling can only mean one thing:


It’s time to Evolve, again.

Whether that means:

  • raising your prices

  • shifting your business model

  • changing the direction of your business

  • pivoting your offers towards passive income

  • showing up as unapologetically you in your brand

  • putting new boundaries and habits in place to serve you

It’s time.

Because the only way to reach your full potential is to evolve.


Where do you want to be six moNTHs from now?

That’s what I’m here to help you do.

  • overcome the blocks holding you back from getting where you want to be

  • step into your truth and own your power

  • show up in the world like you never have before

  • evolve into the woman you know you are meant to be

  • create the business and life you truly desire

  • break out of your comfort zone and step into the real you

  • stop playing small and start showing up as empowered you


Is coaching right for you?


You Might Be feeling:

  • Out of alignment

  • Frazzled and overwhelmed

  • Unsure of where to go next

  • Like a totally confused, crazy person

  • In the midst of a brand identity crisis

  • Burnt out from one-on-one work

  • Doubting yourself and your abilities

  • Stuck in the day-to-day of running your business

  • Losing steam and passion for what you once loved doing

  • Passionate about a new idea that you’re scared to bring to life

In the process, I Will help you:

  • Get clear on where you’re going

  • Plan for profit and purpose

  • Let go of what is no longer serving you

  • Create new passive revenue streams

  • Uplevel existing revenue streams

  • Ensure you and your ideal clients are in alignment

  • Shift your online brand presence

  • Silence your inner mean girl and find self confidence

  • Step into a money mindset that serves you

  • Pivot your business with less stress and more ease


“Devan helped me follow my heart and figure out how to create the business and life I wanted. She helped me confidently shift my business to what I’m passionate about.”

— Amanda, Amanda Louise Design


How It Works


Part 01

Initial Month Intensive (1 month)

  • Connect to your ideal life vision and uncover what matters most to you

  • Create a clear plan to pivot your business to serve your life

  • Assess your existing business model and rework your brand umbrella (if needed)

  • Uncover the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back or getting in your way of pivoting and let go of what’s no longer serving you and create space for more of what will move you forward

  • 4 x 60-minute weekly coaching calls

  • Personalized audio or text messages through Voxer

  • Guided homework or exercises to help you clear the way for your business pivot

  • Personalized audio recording to help you shift the subconscious beliefs holding you back

  • Initial investment for intensive month is $880 (1 payment)


Part 02

Ongoing Personalized Coaching (5 months)

  • Support and guidance throughout the messy middle of making shifts happen as you create new income streams, launch new products or services, or uplevel your brand

  • Personalized journal prompts, meditations, resources, pep talks, homework, and guidance along the way as you pivot

  • Guidance to help you overcome any mindset blocks and resistance that comes up — fast

  • Space to shut off the noise of the outside online world, tune into yourself, and reconnect with your version of success

  • Assisting you to create and pivot your business in balance and ease vs hustle and effort

  • 10 x 60-minute bi-weekly coaching sessions (recorded)

  • Weekly audio / text message checkins over Voxer

  • Ongoing support in-between sessions

  • Investment for five months of additional personalized coaching is $660 per month (5 payments)


Feeling called?

Trust your intuition and take the next step.

Now booking for April, June, and July 2019.


“Six months ago, I was overwhelmed, feeling miles away from where I wanted to be and unsure how to make changes. Working with Devan allowed me to set bigger goals, like making $100k in my business, and feel confident about getting there!”

— Megan, Little Dot Creative


Why coach with me?


I wish someone would have told me it was totally normal to change and shift my brand and business as I personally evolved.

After pivoting my business to more purpose and passion (multiple times) since starting my business in 2014, I’m here to tell you:

You are not crazy. It is totally normal to transition your business and change what is no longer serving you. My business exists to support you through this scary process of pivoting.

When you Coach with me, expect:

  • Business-changing, life-changing, mind-shifting results lasting wayyy beyond our 6-month coaching series

  • I don’t give you answers. I encourage you to tune within, feel the aha moments, and have the realizations for yourself. Why? Because that’s where lasting change comes from.

  • Guiding you to connect with your intuition / inner being / higher self / inner coach (whatever you call it) so you don’t feel like you forever have to turn to an “expert” for answers!

  • Hustle is not my game. I will always encourage you to flow in a way that feels best for you while keeping you in alignment with your bigger life vision.

  • I will never encourage you to follow someone else’s 6-step plan for success. Everyone’s journey looks different and unique to them. I’m here to help you on your personal journey.

  • Most of my clients make their investment back within booking one client project or with the new revenue stream you create while we work together.

  • I promise to both challenge you and encourage your growth.

Katherine Testimonial

“Devan helped me realize this drive, hope, belief, and ability I have inside of me to push for more and make shit happen. Owning this confident, empowered side of me is honestly life changing.”

— Katherine, Writer and Creator of A Safe Space shop


Ready to pivot?

If you’re feeling the pull to learn more, trust your intuition! You’ll start by telling me more about where you are and where you want to go through a simple application. Then, you’ll book a 30-minute consultation on my calendar where we’ll dive in a little deeper and see if coaching with me is your next best step!

Now booking for April, June, and July 2019.


“I never truly understood how valuable a coach could be until working with Devan. The shifts I experienced in my mindset were game changing for me personally and professionally.”

— Alyssa, Life Coach for Moms