Business Mentoring Power Session

Stop feeling stuck and step back into your power

Breakthrough 1:1 Session

If you’re feeling stuck, unclear, burnt out, defeated, and crippled by what’s next in your business...

Girl, get ready for a big breakthrough.

These 90-minute business mentoring power sessions have one goal and one goal only: to get you feeling clear, confident, collected, and moving forward with a solid game plan — FAST.

You can book a 90-minute power session with me now for $297.

With my unique mix of mindset coaching and business mentoring, you can book in complete confidence knowing your session will be powerful, transformation, and the results will be long-lasting.


  • 90-minute recorded business mentoring power session

  • crystal clear game plan and action steps to complete

  • check-in one week later to celebrate your transformation

Book it right here, right now:

Sue Breakthrough Coaching Session

“Walking away from our session, I can honestly say I feel more open and trust the path I'm on. I can relax and just breathe.”

— Sue, Design Agency Owner