Behind the Scenes


Pst. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might receive a commission from the company for sharing them with you. Rest assured: I use every single tool and resource mentioned below and would recommend them whether I received a commission or not.


G Suite

I do all the things using Google. Gmail for business and personal email, Google Docs to collaborate with business besties and communicate with coaching clients easily, Google Drive to keep everything organized and assessable for both my assistant and myself, Google Cal to keep all of my appointments straight, and Google Sheets for survey responses, client rosters, and tracking payments.

This is my ride or die. It’s the only tool that’s stood the test of time. I’ve used it since my business opened in 2014.



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This is where all of the magic happens with my client proposals, invoicing, contracts, communication, workflows, and more. If you want a way to organize your leads and clients, this is the place to do it. You can create a workflow for each of your services so you never miss an email, deadline, or step in your process again. I seriously love dubsado, and I never thought I'd say that about a CRM.


This is how consistently communicate with my tribe! If Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest ever went away, I'd still be able to contact my inner circle. I use Converkit at least once per week to send simple, streamlined emails to my list. Plus, their tagging features and visual welcome / sales funnels are worth every penny.


This is how I meet and communicate with all of my one-on-one clients, business besties, and potential clients. I also use Zoom to host small group meetings and even webinars. Love them. Little to no tech issues. Easy recording. Super simple and easy to use!



This is how I schedule and keep all of my appointments straight! Acuity syncs up with your Google calendar so you never double book yourself. Acuity also syncs up with Squarespace so you can embed your scheduler directly onto your website, making it so easy for clients to book their appointment, pay you, and fill out any forms you need.

AND you get a free Emerging Entreprenuer Plan if you're a Squarespace user!



I buy all of my domains through Hover. I switched to Hover a few years ago, and I've never looked back. Who knew you could love your domain and hosting company!? When you call them, a real human answers the phone and walks you through anything you need help with! They are amazing, and they'll have my business fo eva.


This website you're viewing, it's hosted on Squarespace (SS). I recommend SS to all of my clients because of their built-in minimal, gorgeously designed templates and easy-to-use interface. Love them. Do yourself a favor and create your website on SS.



Powersheets help me organize my mind and live in daily alignment with my both my business and personal goals.

This is goal setting like you've never done it before. Trust me. It'll help you focus on what truly matters and change your year for the better. Pure magic! 

Plus I love the ritual of it. I go to my favorite coffee shop, order a chai latte with almond milk, and use colored markers to map out my seasonal and monthly goals.

My Top Five Must Reads

for business and life


Every single one of these books is well-loved (with plenty of notes and highlights) sitting on a book shelf in my office and purchased often for my coaching clients. I do receive affiliate income from Amazon Services LLC Associates Program if you purchase through the links above.