Devan has 100% helped me take my business from freelance designer to premium design studio and business owner.

She asks exactly the right questions that you need to hear in order to shift your perspective and start taking the steps towards your dreamiest goals.

Having Devan in my corner has been the most grounding force for me - she keeps it real and honest and after every conversation, I feel like I see things more clearly and can breathe again!

— Danielle Joseph, Function Co

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Devan Danielle

Devan was born to be a coach. It's no wonder she meets you where you're at and gets underneath what you're saying to what you actually mean.

She is a crazy combo of kind and assertive, which is her own special cocktail she has poured on my problems to help me get out of my own way and start living the life I want!

— Kali Edwards, June Mango Designs

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Devan Danielle

Devan gave me permission to follow my heart when everything in my head was yelling the opposite.  

I felt the weight of the world pushing against me in my business, relationships, and essentially affecting every aspect of my life. Devan helped me break my own expectations to be true to myself and give myself what I needed most.

If you're looking for "more" from life: clarity, joy, purpose, or whatever - Devan will help you find it. :)

— Amber Brannon, Copperheart Creative

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Devan Danielle

I feel like I am years ahead of where I would be without Devan — like my mindset has been up-leveled.

Six months ago, I was overwhelmed, feeling miles away from where I wanted to be and unsure how to make changes. Working with Devan allowed me to set bigger goals, like making $100k in my business, and feel confident about getting there!

Since working with Devan, I feel empowered, clear, and have become more in tune with who I am as a person and who I want to be.

— Megan Powell, Embrace Collective

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Devan Danielle

Devan helped me confidently shift my business to what I’m passionate about.

Before working with Devan, I was struggling to feel confident and find joy in my business. I felt stuck, compared myself to others, and took on jobs because I felt like I “should.”  

Devan helped me follow my heart and figure out how to create the business and life I wanted.

 — Amanda Couch, Amanda Louise Designs

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Devan Danielle

Devan was super personable, relatable and encouraging from the very first interaction I ever had with her. She walked through both my business and personal goals and quickly found helpful solutions to obstacles that prevented me from achieving them.

After our chat, I felt like I had practical next steps to accomplish my milestones and I felt refreshed from business burdens I’d been carrying.

Super encouraged by just a one hour call, and I now want to be her best friend!

— Christin King, CK Creations

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Devan Danielle

Coaching with Devan was the best decision. It changed my headspace, made me feel confident, and brought me direction.

Devan helped me realize this drive, hope, belief, and ability I have inside of me to push for more and make shit happen. Owning this confident, empowered side of me is honestly life changing.

This path would not have been as smooth, enjoyable, empowering, or fun without Devan, and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without her cheering me on at every turn.

— Katherine Phillips, A Safe Space

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Devan Danielle

Devan is a straight shooter, an encourager, and the resource you need to uplevel your life.

I was super nervous before our first call. Within a few minutes of chatting, I felt at ease, like I was talking to a long lost friend.

I never truly understood how valuable a coach could be until working with Devan. The shifts I experienced in my mindset were game changing for me personally and professionally.

— Alyssa Mossotti, Life Coach

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Devan Danielle