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Welcome girl!

I am so excited you’re here. This will be our home base for the True To You email series. You’ll find all of the most recently shared content, resources, and suggested action items here.

I’d love to hear how this series is impacting you! Feel free to DM me on Instagram. With your permission, I might even feature your story and share it with the rest of our community!

<333 Devan
Business Coach for Creatives

Ps. Pass this series onto a friend or go through the series together! Cheer each other on and share your aha moments each week. :)




Introducing the Series

What to Expect

After working with hundreds of online creative business owners over the past four years, I've noticed quite a few common obstacles that can cause us to falter or even completely quit going after our big, dreamy goals.

Over the next few weeks, we will be taking on those obstacles holding you back from becoming your best self one-by-one in a new email series called: True to You.

It's all happening right here, for free, over email. If you're reading this, you're already signed up!

Once a week, I will send an email covering one of the topics listed below.

You might also receive some audio messages, journal prompts, and suggestions to help you tune in and take action.

Here's what I know to be true about the business owners in this community:

  • You're go getters.

  • You're high achievers.

  • You want the best for yourself...

  • And you want even better for the people around you.

  • You are here to do big things that serve in a big way.

I also know that sometimes fear, not feeling enough, and comparison can prevent and overshadow all of the good you're meant to do.

Time for a personal gut / heart check-in.

Pay attention to how your body responds when you read through this list...

If your chest tightens, your breath catches, or your shoulders creep up to your earlobes, it's safe to say there is some resistance coming up.

Not Enough
I don't feel ______________ [ confident / good ] enough.

Imposter Syndrome
Who am I to _______________ [ create that / have that / do that ] ?

I cannot stop scrolling on social media and comparing myself to everyone else. 
I'm not proud to admit, I might even catch myself judging others out of jealousy.

Burn out 
It's not unusual for me to feel exhausted and burnt out by parts of my business.
I don't know how to prevent burnout and find balance in my life and business.

Once I get that certification / take that course / upgrade my brand design, then I'll be ready.

What if my idea is too big?
What if I change my mind?
Will my relationships survive?
What if I change?

Hustle / Self Worth
I need to work hard and put in the hours in order to be successful.
I need to effort, strive, and prove that I am worthy of everything I want.

Who am I without my business?
I might keep myself busy just so I don't have to sit in silence and face what's within.

I can't find the space to do the things I actually want to do.
I'm not sure how to manage my time and energy.
How do balance a job, business, family, and me time without working 24/7?

I am constantly worrying about what others think of me.
What will my mom / brother / friend / peers say?

Not gonna lie, I spend a lot of time watching, learning, and looking for answers from the experts.

Working In Flow
How do I find balance between hustling and letting the dream unfold? 
What does it look like to work with the universe in order to make my dreams happen?

I feel like my idea is way too big.
Where do I even start?
How do I figure out what's next?
Every time I think about working on my dream, I fall into a Netflix binge.

If your cringing, feeling triggered, or even a little upset with me for calling you out... I get it.

I've been there before! We all have. That's exactly why I created this series.

If you're still reading this, you've already accomplished step one!

  1. Acknowledge the resistance is there.

  2. Allow the shift to occur within yourself.

Are you ready for step two?

If so, you're in for an incredibly amazing ride over the next few weeks!

It's time to move through these blocks and start being true to you.

With so much excitement and gratitude,

xx Devan

Let's do the damn thing!


  1. Forward this email to your business bestie! It's always fun (and more powerful) to partner up with people who get what you’re going through. Schedule in weekly calls to hold each other accountable, encourage one another, and work through this series book-club-style!

  2. More of a solo rider? Feel free to share your ahas with me through my Instagram DM's. I love hearing how different parts and pieces uniquely resonate with you along the way.



Feeling Enough

Today, we focus on the #1 block I hear over and over again from creatives and clients in my community: I’m not __________ enough [ smart / confident / cool ]. Not feeling enough is normally an underlying block for all of us and has the power to hold us back from becoming who are truly meant to be and creating the things we are meant to create. If you're ready to shift this bs belief, press play on this 15 min audio track and take the action recommended at the end!


It’s one thing to listen in. It’s another to take action and start shifting your mindset… That’s where the powerful shifts and transformations happen! So, onto today’s action.

  1. Pay attention to the things you’re saying to yourself! What “I’m not ___________ enough” statement do you find yourself clinging to?

  2. Find it and face it head on. Look at why you believe this to be true and disprove it by writing down all of the ways you are already good / smart / confident enough.

  3. Repeat your new “I am ___________ enough” statement to yourself as much as possible, especially when you feel the old negative version creeping in.



Imposter Syndrome

Today, we’re overcoming imposter syndrome. This was a topic requested from someone in my Insta fam so you know I did it up for you good!

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking “Who am I to create that thing / have that thing / or become that person?” this one is for you.

Want a sneak peek of what I'm riffing on:
+ What is imposter syndrome?
+ When it usually creeps in during the creative process
+ What imposter syndrome is at it's core
+ Quick tip to move through imposter syndrome
+ How to know when you're operating from ego vs intuition


This week, become the observer. Pay attention to when you’re operating from a place of imposter syndrome and ego vs intuition.

See if you can acknowledge it, have compassion, move through it, and get back into a place of power, peace, and creative flow!