Monthly Intention Setting Planner

Monthly Intention Setting Planner


8-page PDF helping you find focus, set powerful intentions, and grow what matters most in your life and business each month

What to Expect:

This planner is not overwhelming or complicated. There are 5 simple exercises proven to help you find focus and grow what matters most each moth.

  • Assess what’s working and what’s not

  • Evaluate and find energetic balance

  • Uncover your focus area for the month

  • Set intentions to grow where it matters most

  • Make it happen with ease and enjoyment

The Story Behind the Planner:

I created the Monthly Intention Setting Planner because traditional planning felt overly complicated and overwhelming. So, I ditched other planning methods and created a process that worked for me. This planner was born in my journal on Nov 29, 2018. After using this simple technique successfully myself and sharing it with my 1:1 coaching clients, I knew it could benefit you too.

I want it!