How to Start Creating Simple Business Boundaries

One of the most shocking findings of my work was the idea that the most compassionate people I have interviewed over the last thirteen years were also, absolutely, the most boundaried.
— Brené Brown

At this point, you've probably heard how important it is to have boundaries — in your business, in your life, with clients, with family, with friends, etc.

The tough part is knowing where to start, what boundaries to put in place, and how to enforce them.


We almost always discover what our boundaries are after someone has crossed them.

Annoyed with a client who keeps asking for one more revision or to hop on a quick call with you right now or emails you at 8pm on a Friday night?

That, right there, is your moment to implement a new boundary.

Add a note in your contract about how much additional revisions will cost, if additional calls are even allowed, or the time of day when you'll respond to emails.

Take those daily annoyances and use them to put new boundaries in place.

What is something you've been meaning to do in your business or life that just keeps rolling over to next week's to do list?

For me, it's email and social media notifications. I love staying in contact with you all, but I have let my inbox get to an overflowing, and overwhelming, state. So I'm enforcing new boundaries to keep my channels of communication a little more manageable. That means dedicating 30 minutes each day to email or one social media platform.

Putting this super simple boundary in place ensures you get a response from me in a timely manner and allows me to stop avoiding my overwhelming number of notifications with the constant, useless social media scroll.

Your turn. What is one boundary you can put in place for yourself today?

If it's dedicating 30 minutes per day to one social media platform, block off those 30 minutes on your calendar now. If it's putting office hours in place, add those office hours to your email signature now. If it's ensuring your clients pay for that extra revision, add it to your contract right now.

Boundaries don't have to crush your freedom and flexibility. They can actually add to it. (tweet it)

Are you showing up as the hype girl of your own brand?

If you've ever launched anything, I know you can relate.

It's the part of the roller coaster ride, right after you reach the peak.

You've just finished building your new offering (that dreamy course, service, or product).

You've been on an uphill climb, powering through, bringing that vision to life.

It's finally ready to be launched into the world...

And then you share it.

You send out a newsletter. You share it on on social media. And...


Silence. No one buys it in the first minute. The first hour. The first day.

And you immediately start to PANIC!

  • Is it not good enough?

  • Am I not good enough?

  • Is the price too high? Too low?

  • Is it unclear what I'm offering?

  • Maybe I should just take it down and scrap it.

  • Maybe I should just go back to my day job.

  • And on and on and on…

It is way too easy to get stuck in this downward spiral and never stick with anything long enough to see real results.


In this moment — the one where you think you've failed and are about to scrap your new offering all together — you need to do one thing:

You need to be your own hype girl.

(Psst. The only reason I can share this with you is because I've been on this roller coaster ride several times in the last three years of my business.)

Here's the thing... You might have spent weeks or months working on your new offering, but everyone else around you is just learning about it for the first time.

It's going to take a while for people to catch on and catch up to where you are!

Rule of thumb: It takes roughly 7 touch points before someone will buy.

Think back to your last launch.

  • How many times did you actually share that new offering?

  • One time in a newsletter?

  • A few posts on Instagram?

It takes sharing your thing more than once to get results.

You need to hustle. You need to create hype. As Mark Cuban says, “You’ve got to grind, grind and grind.”

You’ve got to grind, grind and grind.
— Mark Cuban

You need to be behind-the-scenes wrangling in your wild mind — that's currently in fight or flight mode — and think of different ways to speak your message and get your offer out there.

You might need to send out 6 newsletters, 14 social media posts, 3 blog posts, reach out one-on-one to people you know could benefit from your offer, and ask your creative wolfpack to share it with their community too.

You might need to take a step back, get some beta testers to try your offering, get them some results, ask for testimonials, and back up what you're offering.

There are so many different things you can do before you give up and move onto the next thing.

It's all about showing up, creating hype, and pivoting when things don't go as planned.

It's too easy for us to climb up up up, launch an amazing thing, and get knocked down at the first sign of silence.

Stay in the arena.

Put your creative brain to work.

Share the thing in different ways.

Be the hype girl of your own brand!

People want to buy from people who are excited about what they're selling! So share your excitement with them.

Hint: If you're annoying yourself, you're probably doing it right. (Remember: 7 touch points.)

Now get out there and be the hype girl of your own brand!

This One Goes Out to the Side-Hustling Creative Entrepreneurs

This One Goes Out to the Side-Hustling Creative Entrepreneurs

I’m a big believer in fate and live by the saying, “everything happens for a reason.” So I’m taking this hot mess of a week, turning it into some valuable lessons learned, and sharing the encouragement with you!

But First, Story Time

I took “the leap” and left my corporate job back in May of 201X. However, I transitioned right into part-time, seasonal work doing social media for a local small business.

Because the work was seasonal, I went through weeks and months where they needed a lot more help from me, so I’d be there all day, every day, which had me remembering what it’s like to b ein that hectic, pre-leap, side-hustle stage.

As you probably know from experience, it’s exhausting and mentally straining!

Here's what leadership is actually all about...

Here's what leadership is actually all about...

Today's goal: to give you some major aha moments!

At the beginning of this year, I headed to NOLA for 3-days to attend the Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat. I was expecting to eat some beignets, meet some cool people, and come home feeling a little more inspired.

Welp. I came home a changed woman!

My head was spinning — and clearer at the same time — after learning from incredible speakers and selfless leaders.

So, naturally, I wanted to share everything I learned with you.

Since you don't have all day, I compiled my top 5 aha moments / lessons learned for you.

8 Reasons Why Business Besties are the Best

8 Reasons Why Business Besties are the Best

"I would love to have business besties, but I don't have anything to collaborate on right now."

This message showed up in my inbox one day and got me thinking...

Is there a preconceived notion in our online business world that the only reason we need business besties is to collaborate on stuff?

Business besties serve such a greater purpose than a one time collaboration.

Yes, collaboration is one of the many benefits of having a business bestie, but it is so not the only reason. 

What do car dealerships have to do with your branding?

What do car dealerships have to do with your branding?

I'm a little resistant to change when it doesn't absolutely need to happen. I like to wait for a sign and know without a doubt that it's the right next move.

So months ago my husband started hinting that it was time to replace my car.

Then he slowly introduced the idea of test driving different vehicles.

Then the next thing you know, we were popping into a different car dealership each weekend. (He's a sly one, that smart husband of mine...)

So, how does our car search relate to branding?

Creative Brand Chat with Jessica Willingham

Creative Brand Chat with Jessica Willingham

Jessica Willingham talks to us about how to find new inspiration for your business! We also cover finding your true authenticity in this Creative Brand Chat! 


  • Learning to “let go”
  • Experimenting with inspiration
  • Using authenticity in your business

Creative Brand Chat with Maggie Gentry

Creative Brand Chat with Maggie Gentry

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  • Defining a marketing plan (that feels good)
  • Setting business goals based on your why
  • Developing a routine and finding your zone


Structure Your Elevator Pitch in a Way that Sells

Structure Your Elevator Pitch in a Way that Sells

Have you ever been to a networking event, met someone new, asked them what they did, and immediatly thought, "I need you!" or "I know someone who needs you!"? 

Or maybe the exact opposite reaction happened and you walked away completely confused having absolutely no idea what that person did for a living.

Your elevator pitch is the perfect way to attract or repel someone within seconds of discovering your brand — whether it's in person or online.

Start attracting the right customers to your brand by structuring your elevator pitch in a way that sells.

Creative Brand Chat with Liz White

Creative Brand Chat with Liz White

Liz White of Linea Mae joins us on this Creative Brand Chat to discuss the art of conversion with your sales pages!


  • Creating a sales page for your brand
  • How different elements of a sales page play into your overall brand
  • Staying consistent with your messaging
  • Having a business that offers a solution to a problem

Creative Brand Chat with Nesha Woolery

Creative Brand Chat with Nesha Woolery

Today, my friend Nesha and I are teaming up to talk about why you need to select a niche as a creative business owner.


  • Why you should throw out your “ideal client profile”
  • Choosing a niche for your business is a good move
  • Creating a pattern of familiarity for your clients/customers

5 Simple Ways To Be the Leader of Your Creative Business

5 Simple Ways To Be the Leader of Your Creative Business


In order to be the visionary and CEO of your business, you need to cut the naysayers out and find the people who support you. It's all about your mindset.

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." — Jim Rohn

Find people that are also in the creative world you're living in that get what you're doing.

Make sure they are people you trust and can rely on. Make sure they have their own goals and ambitions. You can't do it alone. Find people to ride this entrepreneurial rollercoaster with.