Empowering you to shift your business and confidently step into the next phase of your life.

Hey girl! I’m Devan.

Welcome to my online home. I’m happy you’re here.

After running my brand design and strategy business for four years, I knew it was time for a change. I loved connecting with my clients and helping them grow their businesses, but my heart just wasn’t in the design work anymore. So I shifted my business — and my mindset.

After a roller coaster of a year, with several moments of breaking down and burning out, I had my breakthrough. The second I started coaching, I was hooked. I came home after leading my first group coaching call and excitedly told my husband with tears in my eyes, “This is it. This is what I’m meant to be doing.” For the first time, in a long time, my work and my soul were in sync.

It is my mission to help women, like you, tune in and trust your intuition in the process of pivoting your business (and your life).

All too often, things like comparison, perfectionism, self doubt, and fear trip us up and stop us from going after what we truly want. I am here to remind you everything you want is possible and that you do not need to hustle, effort, or strive to the point of exhaustion to get it.

You can easily and enjoyably call in more impact and income when you get intentional about your business growth.

Welcome, girl. Get ready to change your life and your business!


My Business Evolution

Oh, you know, I wouldn’t be a master in pivoting businesses if it weren’t for my own messy middle!



At 23, I transitioned from my role as freelance designer into business owner. I left my corporate job, opened a business bank account, filed for my LLC and devandanielle.com was born as a design studio.



I pivoted my business model in a new direction and started partnering up with designers. I was able to stay in my sweet spot and work with clients directly to establish their bigger brand vision.



I nearly quit my business. On my 27th birthday, I finally admitted to myself (and my husband) that I didn’t love the work I was doing anymore. The breakdown turned into a life-changing breakthrough when I enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.


I felt myself being pulled to do more inner work with my clients before creating their brand and website. So I talked my design clients into letting me do one-month of coaching with them first.



I was on a role carving out my place in the industry. I started diversifying my content and doing interviews, launching different passive income streams, and brought on an assistant to help.



I am a trained life coach with a specialty in mindset coaching for creative business owners. I’ve successfully hosted group coaching programs, private coaching, and co-hosted an in-person retreat. I have seen the true power and life-changing magic of this work!


Professional Bio:

Devan Danielle is a mindset coach who helps ambitious online business owners transform their limiting beliefs so they can reach their highest potential. With 5+ years experience running a successful brand development business and mentoring creative entrepreneurs, Devan blends mindset coaching and strategic insight to help women who are ready for change confidently break through uncertainty and into the next phase of their business. Through her powerful one-to-one coaching, group programs, and life-changing events, Devan's intuitive approach empowers clients to believe in themselves, fast-track their success, and bring their wildest business dreams to life.




Beyond the Business

I am in love with my boys and our adventures. I’m married to a handsome pilot named Taylor, and we have a very lovable fur baby named Dave.

I get all of my best ideas either in the shower or when I should be sleeping.

I’m a Pisces, ENFP-T, and 7w8, which means I’m extroverted, adventurous, and all about having new experiences. I’m also very in tune with my intuition and will always follow what feels good.

I believe our mind is the most powerful tool we have to create the things we want.

If you want to skip the small talk and dive deep discussing the meaning of life over mojitos or chai lattes, I’m your girl.


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