4 Simple Ways To Become The Most Empowered Version Of You

No way to sugarcoat it.

We consume a crap ton of content everyday.

The first few months of the year, I couldn't shake this idea that if I could just quiet some of the outside noise, I could maybe, just maybe, start showing up and sharing my truths in a more real, authentic, and powerful way.

So, at the beginning of April, I embraced the nudge and slowly started making some changes to quiet the outside world.

Here's a recap of what's happened since...


01. Silence Social Media

What I did:

  • stopped following 500+ people on Instagram and cut my following down to roughly 30 people.

  • I installed a chrome extension that blocks my newsfeed on Facebook.

  • I started answering emails *only* when I feel like it and have the energy to reply.

  • I stopped freaking out about posting only when I’m inspired and when I’ve received an intuitive hit to share something

Turns out you can’t mindlessly scroll for days when there’s nothing new to see in your newsfeed!

Social media has always felt like a big 'ol stress pot to me. It gave me anxiety and made my shoulders creep up to my earlobes.

Since silencing social, I've feel a lot more relaxed. There's no reason to compare yourself to others or participate in the rat race if there's no reference point.

Now, I only post when I'm inspired and guided to, and I only follow a few of my closest biz besties and influencers who are doing things in a way I value.

It feels like a breath of fresh air. I've been feeling more and more empowered to show up and share my truth!

02. Create More Space In Your Mind

What I started doing:

  • writing a gratitude list first thing (nearly) every morning

    • this list includes both things I have and things I want so it'd look something like "I appreciate my boys and our future home in San Diego with high ceilings and tons of natural light..."

  • stepping away from my desk more often to stretch and / or yoga

  • lighting a candle / putting essential oils in the diffuser

  • closing my eyes, placing my hand on my heart, and taking three deep breaths before hopping on client calls

  • sitting outside tech-free, listening to the birds chirp, and watching Dave run around

  • showering in silence (the best ideas always come to me when I’m in water — must be a Pisces thing)

  • allowing myself to enjoy slow mornings that don't involve accomplishing any work

  • focusing on one thing at a time as often as possible (vs watching Netflix while designing with 18 tabs open)

  • working when I feel like it and not working when I don’t

03. Say No and Set Your Priorities

started by ranking the top three areas / goals in my that I felt called to give my time, energy, and attention to. Right now, those three priorities are my coaching certification, family, and clients.

If I get request for something outside of that list, and I don’t feel “hell yes!” about it, I say no with confidence and grace.

Things I’ve said no to lately:

  • volunteering for things I know I don’t have time for

  • paying for things that don't inspire me / light me up

  • teaching opportunities / speaking gigs for other communities

  • coffee dates and events with acquaintances

  • drama, negativity, and people who suck the life out of others

All of these no’s allowed me to say a big, fat "YES" to things that matter most to me right now.

Let me tell you, it is SO dang freeing to put yourself first and stop taking care of everyone else first.

What I've discovered is the more I take care of me, the better I can take care of and be there for others.

It starts with you, my friend.

04. Make Your Own Rules

I decided to:

  • start my day with alignment before action

  • write and send newsletters only when I’m inspired

  • only take client meetings mid-week and give myself Mondays and Fridays to work on whatever I'm inspired to

  • let launching be easy and book out my services in advance without an elaborate sales page

  • take the deadline off of my own brand refresh and let the direction flow to me naturally

  • book brand refresh clients with ease, knowing they’ll have an incredible experience

It's too easy to get caught up in the way everyone else is doing things.

When you quiet the outside noise and give yourself space to think, you start to realize just how many rules you've been following that are not your own. Then, you get to start creating new rules and ways of doing business that do serve you!