Are you showing up as the hype girl of your own brand?

If you've ever launched anything, I know you can relate.

It's the part of the roller coaster ride, right after you reach the peak.

You've just finished building your new offering (that dreamy course, service, or product).

You've been on an uphill climb, powering through, bringing that vision to life.

It's finally ready to be launched into the world...

And then you share it.

You send out a newsletter. You share it on on social media. And...


Silence. No one buys it in the first minute. The first hour. The first day.

And you immediately start to PANIC!

  • Is it not good enough?

  • Am I not good enough?

  • Is the price too high? Too low?

  • Is it unclear what I'm offering?

  • Maybe I should just take it down and scrap it.

  • Maybe I should just go back to my day job.

  • And on and on and on…

It is way too easy to get stuck in this downward spiral and never stick with anything long enough to see real results.


In this moment — the one where you think you've failed and are about to scrap your new offering all together — you need to do one thing:

You need to be your own hype girl.

(Psst. The only reason I can share this with you is because I've been on this roller coaster ride several times in the last three years of my business.)

Here's the thing... You might have spent weeks or months working on your new offering, but everyone else around you is just learning about it for the first time.

It's going to take a while for people to catch on and catch up to where you are!

Rule of thumb: It takes roughly 7 touch points before someone will buy.

Think back to your last launch.

  • How many times did you actually share that new offering?

  • One time in a newsletter?

  • A few posts on Instagram?

It takes sharing your thing more than once to get results.

You need to be behind-the-scenes wrangling in your wild mind — that's currently in fight or flight mode — and think of different ways to speak your message and get your offer out there.

You might need to send out 6 newsletters, 14 social media posts, 3 blog posts, reach out one-on-one to people you know could benefit from your offer, and ask your creative wolfpack to share it with their community too.

You might need to take a step back, get some beta testers to try your offering, get them some results, ask for testimonials, and back up what you're offering.

There are so many different things you can do before you give up and move onto the next thing.

It's all about showing up, creating hype, and pivoting when things don't go as planned.

It's too easy for us to climb up up up, launch an amazing thing, and get knocked down at the first sign of silence.

Stay in the arena.

Put your creative brain to work.

Share the thing in different ways.

Be the hype girl of your own brand!

People want to buy from people who are excited about what they're selling! So share your excitement with them.

Hint: If you're annoying yourself, you're probably doing it right.

Remember: 7 touch points.

Now get out there and be the hype girl of your own brand!

brandingDevan Danielle