Three Things You Need to be a Powerhouse Girl Boss Brand

Do you ever look around at some of the successful girl bosses online and wonder how in the world they became so boss? Ever find yourself lost in the comparison game and wondering if you'll ever be able to measure up? Do you get overwhelmed looking at where you are now compared to where you want to be? 

You are not alone. We all face self doubt, fear, and overwhelm along our entrepreneurial journey. It's a lot easier to avoid these business blocks, if we have a clear vision of where we're going and know exactly what we're focusing on. Today I'm showing you a little case study I did and breaking down what exactly it is that makes these girl boss brands so powerful.

Before we begin, let me say this is not for everyone. Everyone's version of success is different. Maybe you don't want to have a powerhouse girl boss brand. Maybe you just want to make enough money to pay your bills and have the flexibility to travel or pick your kids up from school. That's perfectly okay! However, this article is for those creative business owners and bloggers who want that more well known girl boss status.

Here's how it's going down today:

After looking into some of the top girl boss brands right now, I found three consistent things each boss is doing to be well known, grow their communities, and make a living solely off their business. I'm going to walk you through each one of those three things and name some of the girl boss brands I looked into showing you exactly what they're doing oh so right.

three things you need to be a powerhouse girl boss brand



The number one thing every single girl boss has down is her brand vision. She knows unwaveringly who she is, what she does, why she does it, who she helps, and exactly how she helps. She knows her story and owns it—both the struggles and triumphs. She isn't afraid to say no to people and opportunities that don't fit her vision in order to say yes to the people and opportunities who do.

Powerhouse girl bosses aren't afraid to narrow in on their niche and get picky about who their ideal client is. (tweet that)

Your brand vision is not something you can establish overnight. It's something that catches on as you grow and evolve within your business. However, in order for people to begin sharing your brand vision, they need to know what it is, which means that YOU need to know what it is. We all need to start somewhere when it comes to determining our brand vision.

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The second thing every well known, powerhouse girl boss has is a loving and supportive community. At the end of the day, these powerhouse girl bosses are there to genuinely help the people in their communities. And in return, their communities help and support them by sharing their work and spreading love for their brand. Pretty much every powerhouse girl boss brand I looked into had an amazingly supportive community who ended up doing a lot, if not all, of their marketing for them. 

Just like your brand vision, you cannot establish a booming community over night. Finding and growing your community takes time. It takes getting to know your followers one at a time and supporting them along their journey first. When you invest in your people, they will invest in you. (tweet that)


The last thing every girl boss brand I looked into had was a platform to share their story and their message on. These brands are normally on more than one social media platform, but they often own one or are known for one specific platform. This is a prime proof point that you do not need to be on every single social media platform—in fact, you probably shouldn't be.

If you're on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, Google+, and a Podcast I can almost guarantee you're spreading yourself way too thin to be able to make a real impact on any one of those platforms. Find where your people are and own the platform that feels most natural for YOU. (tweet that)


Let's look at some of these powerhouse girl boss brands and see how each one of them is owning their brand, community, and platform. Remember, all of these amazing powerhouse girl boss brands started exactly where you are right now. Do not be discouraged by the amazing things they're doing. Use it as motivation for building your own powerhouse boss brand!

Their success does not take away from your success. (tweet that)


Brand Vision - Hey Sweet Pea owns their wild, passionate, heart centric brand. They live in a camper name Finn and travel the US while providing solo business owners with classes on social media, writing, branding, and more.

Community - Hey Sweet Pea has an amazing, closed community on Facebook full of loving customers who have taken their classes. As the duo travels around the US, they meet up with members of their community and share their work on Instagram. Hey Sweet Pea is a prime example of a boss brand that loves, supports, and cherishes their community. In return, their community loves them right back by telling their friends and followers about them (like I am here) and by vouching for their amazing classes.

Platform - Hey Sweet Pea's main social media platform is Instagram. They are also known for their heartfelt newsletters and do not even have a blog! This just goes to show that you do not have to be everywhere. Go where your people are and use the social media platform that's right for you.


Brand Vision - The Being Boss ladies have their brand vision down. In fact they kick off every single one of their podcast episodes by telling you a bit about their brand's vision, "Get your business together. Get yourself into what you do and see it through. Being boss is hard. Living work and life is messy. Making a dream job of your own isn't easy but getting paid for it, becoming known for it, and finding purpose in it is so doable if you do the work. Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs..."

Community - Being Boss started a Group Facebook page just for their listeners. This community is booming with over 5,000 entrepreneurs! They also just held a group vacation with 75 listeners in Nola, which I will so be at next time! Their community loves, supports, and shares their words like wild fire.

Platform - The platform that started it all for them is their podcast. You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram, but their podcast is where all the magic happens! Without the podcast, Being Boss might not even exist. (Thank gosh that's not the case!)


Brand Vision - Marie Forleo has built a very recognizable and trusted brand. She is best known in the online creative entrepreneur world for helping you build a business and a life you love through her signature program, B-School. Marie is all about boarding the "no train" and turning down opportunities that distract and do not align with her brand vision.

Community - Marie Forleo has also grown a crazy supportive community who backs her. Her listeners, readers, and customers share her books, programs, and words of wisdom all over social media. She takes really good care of her team and in turn, her team takes really good care of her community.

Platform - Marie Forleo is known for Marie TV. She has episodes that come out every Tuesday which you can find on YouTube and her blog. Marie does not have an Instagram account, does not try to be on periscope, and is not super active on Twitter. She encourages her community to participate in the comment section of her blog posts after Marie TV episodes.


There are so many more amazing powerhouse girl boss brands out there that I could be writing for days, so I will leave you with these three boss examples today!

Tell me in the comments who you think of when you hear powerhouse boss brand!

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