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Are you showing up as the hype girl of your own brand?

If you've ever launched anything, I know you can relate.

It's the part of the roller coaster ride, right after you reach the peak.

You've just finished building your new offering (that dreamy course, service, or product).

You've been on an uphill climb, powering through, bringing that vision to life.

It's finally ready to be launched into the world...

And then you share it.

You send out a newsletter. You share it on on social media. And...

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What Is At the Heart and Soul of Your Brand?

Do you know what the heart and soul of your brand is? 

If not, that's okay. I can tell you right here, right now.

It's YOU. 

You are the heart and soul of your brand.

You are the piece of your brand that keeps people coming back. Your stories and personality are the reason people keep showing up to your Instagram lives and workshops. Your education and personal experiences are what make you stand out within your niche. You are the reason people hit that buy button.

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What do car dealerships have to do with your branding?

I'm a little resistant to change when it doesn't absolutely need to happen. I like to wait for a sign and know without a doubt that it's the right next move.

So months ago my husband started hinting that it was time to replace my car.

Then he slowly introduced the idea of test driving different vehicles.

Then the next thing you know, we were popping into a different car dealership each weekend. (He's a sly one, that smart husband of mine...)

So, how does our car search relate to branding?

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Structure Your Elevator Pitch in a Way that Sells

Have you ever been to a networking event, met someone new, asked them what they did, and immediatly thought, "I need you!" or "I know someone who needs you!"? 

Or maybe the exact opposite reaction happened and you walked away completely confused having absolutely no idea what that person did for a living.

Your elevator pitch is the perfect way to attract or repel someone within seconds of discovering your brand — whether it's in person or online.

Start attracting the right customers to your brand by structuring your elevator pitch in a way that sells.

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5 Simple Ways To Be the Leader of Your Creative Business


In order to be the visionary and CEO of your business, you need to cut the naysayers out and find the people who support you. It's all about your mindset.

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." — Jim Rohn

Find people that are also in the creative world you're living in that get what you're doing.

Make sure they are people you trust and can rely on. Make sure they have their own goals and ambitions. You can't do it alone. Find people to ride this entrepreneurial rollercoaster with.

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Creative Brand Chat with Kali Edwards

Listen in and hear from two creatives about the importance of branded websites for your business. 


  • How to combine website design and branding
  • Sharing your business 'why' through your website
  • Creating your niche
  • Right right time to invest in serious business branding
  • Attracting new clients and visitors through your website's call to action  
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Creative Brand Chat with Ashley Beaudin

Listen in as two creatives chat about relating to your audience by sharing your imperfections in a very filtered world. 

Topics Covered:

  • Relating to Your Audience by Sharing Your Imperfections
  • Showing up as who you are first
  • Knowing your deeper why
  • Being your true self to others and your audience
  • Attracting your ideal clients with authenticity
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90 Quick Tips (and Fun Facts) You Need to Know About Branding

I’m coming at you with 90 branding tips (and some fun facts) that we’ve covered in the past eight days of my #22DaysOfBranding periscopes. There is over eight plus hours of video content, you guys! Thank you so much to everyone who’s already joined in and helped make #22DaysOfBranding a success so far. It seriously blows my mind just how much we’ve covered in the first eight videos! If you haven’t joined in yet, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to get in on the fun.

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How to Have an Effective Collaboration (with Bonus Agreement)

We've all heard this saying before: community over competition. Well today I'm changing it to collaboration over competition. Collaborations can be amazing for so many reasons, but they can also be scary, risky, and confusing. My goal is to get you feeling more comfortable with collaborations. I'll cover the topics you need to discuss from the get-go in order to avoid conflict and create a space for an effective collaboration.

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