Structure Your Elevator Pitch in a Way that Sells

Have you ever been to a networking event, met someone new, asked them what they did, and immediatly thought, "I need you!" or "I know someone who needs you!"? 

Or maybe the exact opposite reaction happened and you walked away completely confused having absolutely no idea what that person did for a living.

Your elevator pitch is the perfect way to attract or repel someone within seconds of discovering your brand — whether it's in person or online.

Start attracting the right customers to your brand by structuring your elevator pitch in a way that sells.

Structure Your Elevator Pitch in a Way that Sells

Top mistakes I see creatives making with their elevator pitch:

  • You’re trying to cram way too much information into one sentence overwhelming people.

  • You’re keeping it way too simple underwhelming people. For example: “I’m a brand designer.”

  • Your pitch is way too fluffy or extravagant making it super confusing. Clear wins over catchy, every single time.

  • You’re not telling us exactly who you work with. Creatives? Moms? Health coaches?

  • You’re not telling us how you do it differently than your competitors. In order to stand out, you need have a proven process in place and highlight that. 

  • You're not telling us why we should care. What is the end result? How will it impact my life or better my business?


Once your elevator pitch is structured in a way that sells:

  • You’ll book dream clients who need exactly what you offer because you’re clearly telling them what you offer.

  • Your clients and friends will refer you to their friends. They can only tell other people what you do if you’re clearly telling them what you do first.

  • You’ll get reactions like, “I need you!” or “I know someone who needs you!” at events.

  • You won’t stumble your way through the answer to this simple question anymore: “What do you do?” Your answer will become second nature, and it'll be so simple that both your mom and client will understand what you do.

  • Whether someone finds you at an event, hears you on a podcast, sees you on Instagram, or lands on your website, they’ll see and hear the same consistent elevator pitch. Consistency allows you to become known as an expert in that one thing.


01. What you do

Keep it simple. Don't make up some fancy title here, like "unicorn wrangler". If you're a brand designer, call yourself a "brand designer". People understand and relate to what they know.

02. How you do it differently

How do you do it different than your competitors? Is your process faster? Do you specialize in one platform, style, or industry?

03. Who you do it for

Think of the top three clients you loved working with. What did they all have in common? Are they creatives, women, lifestyle brands, moms, health coaches, leaders, movement makers...?

04. The clear result

How are you changing your client's life or business for the better? What will they be able to accomplish after they work with you? Are you helping them book more clients, show up as the go to expert, or giving them more time with their family?



I'm a [what you do] for [who you work with] who [how you do it differently] so they can [clear result].

Your elevator pitch should fit in one sentence. It does not need to include every little detail about you and your business. Your elevator pitch is simply meant to spark interest and tell someone what you do.

The goal is to find the perfect balance between someone feeling underwhelmed or overwhelmed by your elevator pitch.

Remember: Clear over catchy, every. single. time.



Example 01

1. Web design

2. Completely custom rebranded Squarespace site in 2 weeks

3. Health coaches

4. Stand out from their competitors

I'm a web designer who helps health coaches rebrand and build a completely custom Squarespace website in 2 weeks flat so they can start standing out from their competitors.

Example 02

1. Lifestyle photographer

2. Natural, unposed family photos

3. Moms (Who is the one normally booking your services?)

4. Real life, everyday memories that their kids can share for years to come

I'm a lifestyle photographer for moms who want natural, unposed photos of their families so their kids will be able to share real life, everyday memories for years to come.


This tip is inspired by Courtney Johnston!

Test out your new elevator pitch and pay attention to the reaction you get from people.

If people say: "I need that!" or "I know someone who needs that!" you're onto something.

If people say: "Sounds cool." you need to simplify and rework that elevator pitch more.


Get crafting your perfect elevator pitch now!

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